Offical Game Hint!

Haha made you look!:smiley:

Just 17 more days come on people.

*post if I caught you looking.

You got me, I was pretty excited, thought I might be the first to respond

That was brutal.

stamps feet :frowning: I just screamed, “OH MY GOD,” so loud I freaked my sister out… and it’s 1:21 AM

You totally got me adrenaline pumped, and from the .1 sec it took to load this page, my heart just died on me :frowning:

17 days is way too much! I need an Offical Game Hint for real!

sorry man, but a joke like this only comes around once in a blue moon (a year) and you have to smile thinking of all the others who did the same thing. It is all in good fun.

You got me excited that they finally put it back up on the new site/server. Too bad you were joking. I’ve told a few people, and they’ve done a good job keeping their mouth shut, but, we’re about to explode here, so I’ll go ahead and share it.

Just before the FIRST website was revamped, I clicked link and was redirected to a page with a subtitle “2007 Game Hint” Underneath, it read:

Where squish meets squash, rise and wash.

What does this mean!!!?!?!

EDIT: Okay, I’ve received some angry PMs about this. I guess I wan’t supposed to say it so soon, sorry guys. Anyhow, it’s out now, so eat it up.

I thought those long nights had finally paid off but nope I guess we will be having a couple more before the real hint appears.

Dang! And here I was getting all excited about finding out about the game!!!



what is that tiny extra period in his post…maybe this IS the official clue:yikes:

:frowning: awwww.

right when i saw this i opened up aim and copy pasted, “THE HINTS POSTED!”
to everyone.


:rolleyes: now, because of this, i might not believe it when the real one’s posted. lol

Without looking to see who posted the thread… I still curious to know what the latest hoax would be. So I heard some insider information this weekend from a FIRST representive who I shall remain nameless that the game piece will be a skip-it :rolleyes:

Thanks Greg. I deserved that.

Greg, have you ever heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf?

I need your address so I can send you bill for a new keyboard. I punch my keyboard after being fooled again.:slight_smile: :mad: :wink:

Funniest CD thread ever :yikes:

Wow, you really got me…
I got all excited and went to get my dad and show him this page…
He grew disgruntled…
It made me smile ^.^

I lost.

What is that whooshing sound I hear???

Oh, Greg’s reputation being sucked away like it’s stuck in a hoover or one of those cool Dyson cyclone vacuums.

good one Greg.

who is
Stuart Vasepuru?

i lost.

does dave really get excited about this?
like honestly i can’t tell if he is being serious this time…