Offical Game Hint!

might be a problem on those super-busy regional weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you got me.

I thought I was the only one counting down. I’ve got countdowns going for five major robotics events in the 2007 season- I can’t wait!

maybe we can talk brandon into super-sizing the countdown as soon as it gets closer, or bigger everyday :wink:

Hey guys guess what…

Championships is cancelled… :frowning:
FIRST is also moving to Indianapolis. Colts and Robots?

Wait now im really confused. Have I missed something? :confused:

hahahahaha, those are some of the classic Chief Delphi April Fools jokes pulled.

I love CD but people are starting to miss with my head it just not fair. :smiley:

Oh god, don’t remind me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know–I stopped grading finals when I saw this post. I mean, who cares about grades when there is an Official Game Hint! It’s a good thing it was my prep period or I might have had to strangle a student as a surrogate for Greg. :slight_smile:

Our Semester exams are the third week in January (Second Build Week) and of course, no extracurriculars can meet between the beginning of that weekend and the end of the last exam, so our team loses almost a whole week out of the build schedule, and has the past two years.

I am glad that people had fun with this…I know I sure did :D. Please just remember that it is all in good fun*.

*I think I might have to change my appearance and wear a disguise at some events to avoid being recognized. :wink:

p.s. 16 days

darn it

:frowning: I can’t wait that long! twitch

We have the same issue, except exams are the Wed, Thur, and Fri following Kick Off. However, we have no school policy in regard to extraciriculars and exams.

Hey guys, it really is here!

Maybe its time to close this thread, to prevent confusion?

With all the game hint talk, the real hint could get lost along the way…

Maybe the thread with the official hint should be titled: FIRST EMAIL/Special Communication from the Game Design Committee

i lost.

Stacking reminded me of that game

Ok, that actually might be really awesome… :slight_smile: