Offical HalfLife-2 and Steam Thread

Well i figured it was released today and ANY serious AND/OR laid back gamer that even once and a while plays First Person Shooters would have picked Half-Life 2. I am personally downloading it now off of steam, and will post back with my comments on the game hopefully later tonight or tommrow =D

also im looking for anyone who plays online for thier steam names so we can put each other on thier buddy lists so we can do some gaming together, and also xfire if you have it =D

Steam - Heretic121
Xfire - Heretic666

It is everything that it was hyped up to be.

And I imagine it’d be more than that for me since my computer is not optimal for running it :wink:

Played it for a little bit so far, excellent game. The player models/animations, graphics, and physics are top-notch. The one problem is…

I can’t play it now! Steam is down…

i havent played but i am updating…

just keep trying to re-connect to steam… its not down its just being overflowed so dont give up =D

It’s an awsome game Half Life 2 is. I’ve been waiting for it all my life and FINALLY it’s out!! YAY!!! :smiley:

…but I don’t have any money :(. Oh well, Half life 1 and it’s mods are good anyways. I’ll umm… upload my screenname on here… someday…

I purchased Half-Life 2 retail at the Best Buy at Landmarke Center in Boston for $55 + tax. When I got it home I installed it. First Steam was installed and then Half-Life.

It took approximately 20 minutes to install all 5 CDs. Then it took an additional 30 minutes as I waited for my CD key to be authorized against the overloaded Steam servers. You can not play the game until you are authorized.

I’ve only played the game for about an hour but can tell you I absolutely love it. I like how you interact with the other characters. How you can pick up a bottle off the ground and throw it at a guard and he’ll angrilly come after you with his electric stick. The graphics seem great, the physics are unmatched, and the AI seems smart.

Occasionally the game does get slightly choppy. Especially when you just enter a level. Other than that, I highly reccomend the game.

My Specs:
Athlon XP 2400
30 GB SATA WD Raptor
Geforce 4 Ti4600
Comcast Cable Internet Connection

I had no clue what that game was, and today I was bored at V-Show waiting to perform my act and these boys asked if i wanted to play halo 2 or whatever. So i asked how to play and they showed me wht buttons but i had no clue wht they were sayin so when we were all battling or w/e against each other i just kept pressing buttons and i did awsome! even thoguht i didnt know wht i was doin i did amazingly awsome! they were suprised…now i want to buy that game if and when i get ps2 or xbox…which will be never lol its a cool game lol

Uhmm this thread is about Half-Life 2…you want Halo-2 here Halo 2

Here are some screenshots =D
video stress test

in game

also im usualy over 70FPS w/ these specs…

P4 - 2.8
GeForce 6800GT
WD 160GB 7200rpm
1 GB - DDR 400

The game is amazing, I am waiting for mods to come out for it :]