Office 2003

I downloaded Office 2003 from our student software website today. What does everybody else think about it? I’ve had OneNote for a while and I think its a really cool program. Ive started using it at work, but I havent had many uses it at school yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I havent read about what updates there are between the last release and 2003 but so far it just looks nicer. Outlook has been improved and I like what they have done on it. They’ve got some automatic spam blockers built in that I am looking forward to testing.


Yay for Microsoft! Go Windows! Windows is the only OS! Bill Gates is my hero!

wakes up and scratches head

Gah, where am I? Darn, those microsoft mind controlling robots must have taken control of my brain again!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, from what ive seen OneNote will look like a useful program that will really come in handy…can’t wait to give it a try

Tomorrow, I plan on going to the software store here at Purdue to purchase the new Office XP. I was watching the Screen Savers on TechTV last night and they reviewed it saying that not much has changed for individual users, there were a few things they mentioned but they weren’t too significant. They stated that its more for people who are in business and are on a network constently sharing documents with others. They actually said that for now, its better to stick w/ Office XP… i say blah! Why stick w/ XP when i can get 2003 for around 10 bucks…:smiley:

BAH to Office 2003.

They have ended support for my beloved Office 97.


Looks like it might be time to look at Open Office

You hear about Ernie Ball company, you know, they make guitar strings?

Anywho, once upon a time, Ernie Ball got busted for having unliscensed microsoft products, and got whapped with about a 100k fine. In a fit of rage, the CEO of Ernie Ball declared that the company would never again give microsoft as much as a penny. In short order, everything was running Red Hat Linux and Openoffice. Yah! for free software!

Although, if anyone out their is contemplating ‘the switch,’ I’d suggest Gentoo Linux, because it is AWESOME!

Haha, so I’m not the only crazy gentoo user here :D.

What kernel are you running now? :stuck_out_tongue: -mm, -love?

Oh, and for Linux users, specifically Gentoo users, get openoffice-ximian, it’s a lot prettier looking than regular openoffice :).