Official 1684 The Chimeras CAD Release

Hey all! After an amazing season and lots of requests, our CAD is ready to be released.

You can download it HERE!

Below are a few rendered images of each mechanism

Our Drivetrain. West Coast style, 6 NEOs, about 12fps, all welded.

Our Elevator. Carbon fiber, full extend in .75 seconds when ran at 100%, ran at 80% during the season, 148 inspired.

Our Internal! Designed and tested by our Team Captain and Driver of 4 years in house, plates are either lexan or ABS. Dual purpose, ran by two BAGs. Wheels are 3in 30a flex wheels (217-6447).

Our external. 16in pistons, ran with a single 775pro, plastic VersaFrame. Cargo transport from external to internal is helped by a plastic “kickup” bar running along the front of the robot.

Our Climber. Winched by 2 775pros at around 135:1 . Uses a “tail” and carabiners to pull the fourbar up for more leverage. The plate is lexan.

Feel free to ask any questions and good luck on the rest of your off-season competitions!


This was one of my favorite robots! Very well executed and really slick design. Can’t wait to dig in!! Thanks for posting!


Your intake is nice but I need to ask some questions about it.

How much does your intake weight?
Did it break during in the match?

Just a general question about the climber design. I saw a few times this season where your robot would get to the HAB with plenty of time left to spare, the ‘tail’ would drop down and ‘bounce’, but the climber wouldn’t deploy or would take an extended amount of time to deploy. Do you know what was causing this?

You guys had a great robot this year, looking forward to seeing future robots from you guys!

It weighs ~7 pounds, but we have a couple of ways to make it lighter if we wanted to. It has only ever broken when auton decided to go intake first into a wall, but once we added the ABS hard-stops it broke less. We also used surgical tubing spacers for the rollers on the trolley that the intake is mounted to to add a bit of squish. Hope this helps!

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The “tail” has to latch onto the steel bar going across the top legs of the fourbar, and we used pistons to push the tail down. Either sometimes the carabiners wouldn’t latch and we had to give it a little shake with the robot, or the carabiners broke after so much use. You can see us doing the shake here, too.
Hope this helps!


Thanks! I appreciate it.

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Thanks ,
When I was watching the matches of yours ,I though that your intake is robust . Anyway I am the captian of a rookie team in Turkey and we are inspired by your intake for our off-season robot intake design.

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I’ve been wondering this for a while: how come you guys did 4 front pneumatic tires, 4 back omnis rather than 4 corner omnis and 4 middle pneumatics?

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My guess would be to make the center of turning closer to the front of the robot. That way it’s harder to turn too far off when trying to line up.

We definitely tried everything we could’ve with our 8 wheel setup. We tried having the omnis in the corner but our driver liked rotating around the intake, making placing easier as well as autons.

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