Official Bomb Squad 2017: Spectre


Bomb Squad is proud to present our 2017 STEAMworks robot, Spectre.






Wow those LEDs are on fire! :stuck_out_tongue:

A beautiful robot as always.


Real neato


I like to keep my workspace like 16’s 2017 robot.

Nice and neat.


Ive seen your desk. If that’s what you consider neat I consider what you just said to 16 an insult.

Great bot as always guys. Hope to see it at Champs or iri.


My jokes don’t quite correlate with reality.


Those LEDS :yikes:!!! Way to go Team 16! Another great bot from a great team. Cannot wait to see you guys on the field in just a couple of weeks.


Another amazing robot from Bomb Squad.


Awesome, looking forward to seeing it in person.



Look forward to playing with you in a couple of weeks.


Awsome robot team 16. Sweet swerve drive as always, great job! Can’t wait to see it at the competition!


Really nice robot. Sweet drive.


I guess it’s a neat robot. It does some stuff, it seems.


What kind of wheels are you using in your intake?


I’m not on the team so can’t say for sure but they look like the Andymark Compliant Wheels.


Would I be able to get a close up on how your gear mechanism works or an explanation in how it works.


They are west coast products flex wheels…

Super sticky and surprisingly durable. Great product.


I can give an explanation now and then grab some pics tomorrow maybe.
An intake roller filled with WCP flex wheels pulls the gear under the pickup mechanism. A cylinder fires the pickup down into the center hole on the gear. Another cylinder compresses a polyurethane ring, expanding it’s OD into the center hole on the gear, holding the gear. Then three more cylinder work together to rotate and lift the gear into position.