Official California Robot Games announcement!

Hi everybody!

I am very excited to announce the date and location for Cal Game 2003 have been finalized! So take out your calendar and be prepared to mark it down!

When: September 20th.
Where: Woodside High School at Woodside, CA.
What: The 4th Annual WRRF California Robot Games will include the Full 2003 Stack Attack Tournament w/ “best-2-out-of-3” elimination format, plus 3 skill events, and WRRF & Workshop information for 2004 season.
How much: $300 Registration fee per robot, free to spectators.
How many teams: Cal Game 2003 is open for 32 teams to register.

September 19th (Friday) will be open for teams to set up their pit area, and possibly some time for side events that night. Take advantage of this time to set up your tools, and get your robot working. The pit will be opened at 7am on Saturday for registration and inspection.

Registration page and information will be announced within a week, so stay tune for further information.

Volunteering information will also be sent within a day, so check your e-mail tomorrow, and be the first one to volunteer for Cal Game 2003!

Thank you for your patience of the long wait and multiple e-mails sent out about this. We have been working hard trying to bring Cal Game back to Pioneer High School, but there are other events happening at Pioneer on the weekend of 20th, and we feel that the weekend of 13th is simply too early for teams. After receiving various feedbacks from teams, the 20th turns out to be the ideal weekend for Cal Game 2003. I’d like to thank Woodside High School, Aragon High School, and Pioneer High School for working with us during the past months on finding a home for Cal Game 2003.

More information coming this week via e-mail.

Questions? Comments? Send me an e-mail at [email protected]

-Ken Leung
California Robot Games 2003 Manager

From Ken Krieger

Hello Folks!

Many Many changes going on in WRRF over the last month-and-a-half!

Since the last WRRF meeting we have filed our application for non-profit status, had two directors meetings, and decided on a location for Cal Games!

So, time to bring everyone up to speed, and start detailed planning for Cal Games.

The topics of discussion for this meeting will be:

  1. Introduction and recap of the State of the WRRF
    Recap of the events of the last couple months in WRRF
    Non-profit status: What does it mean?
    Call for Participation in advisory committees
    Logo Design COntest reminder… Due Aug 1
    [email protected] Mailing List
    Some plans for the future

  2. FIRST Update and Q & A

  3. Grant Legislation efforts update

  4. Cal Games, Planning and Status
    Discussion of site, and facilities
    Competition format and side events
    Publicity and Press Coverage
    Jobs and Volunteers for the event

  5. Workshops
    Short description of what classes will be offered
    Schedule for classes this fall

  6. Q & A about any aspect of WRRF or participation in WRRF activities

Look forward to seeing you all there!



All meetings are at San Jose State University
( )

The WRRF meeting on Saturday July 26, 2003,
will start at 10:00 AM and run till ~ noon

We will meet in room 216 of the Industrial Studies building,

On the campus map ( ),
it is building # 32 by San Fernando and 9th Street.

Enter at the South Entrance across from building # 38.

Parking may be available in the parking garage on San Fernando,
or in the 7th St. garage near the Event Center.

Hello everyone!

I promised there will be more info regarding volunteering at Cal Game 2003.
Here it is.

In order for Cal Game to be successful, we need your help! Each of the positions below is crucial to the success of this year’s event, so please sign up for the job most suitable to your team. As mentioned in an e-mail earlier, there will be a meeting on July 26th for Cal Game.

Please attend that meeting if you want to sign up for a job! If you are unable to attend, please reply this e-mail with position(s) you are willing to take, in the order of preferences.

We will also be discussing Cal Game details, such as side events, and elimination format at the meeting. So come join us.

There are two types of jobs: setup and the actual event. The setup jobs require a team, and someone in charge of getting things done. That person needs to obtain the necessary tools/equipment before the event, and have enough team members to help with actual setup on Friday evening. The event
jobs require volunteers to work on Saturday for the event itself, and report to the event/field manager. Event jobs are ideal for individuals to volunteer.

The link leads to a pdf file with all the job titles. There are a few names in there already, but we need your help to fill up this chart! If you can only fulfill part of the responsibilities, such as helping us obtain equipments but not operation of those equipment, that’s fine too! We can use as much help as possible.

Below are the job descriptions:

Event Setup:

Field Transportation: 1 team
The field transportation manager is responsible for renting the truck, packing field parts into truck with a record of how things are packed, supervise load and unload of carpet and field crates, return field to storage facility, and return the truck to rental company.

Field Setup: 2~3 teams
Field Setup Manager is responsible for working out the floor plan ahead of time, pre-mark floor/carpet at event setup, direct setup of the field, and inspect venue for pre-existing damage and document with camera.

Pit Setup:1 team
Pit setup manager have the same responsibility as the field setup manager for the pit area, with the additional task of making pit signs, and supervise placement of inspection station.

Carpet setup: at least 1 teams, working with field setup crew
Carpet setup Manager is responsible for the inventory of all WRRF carpet, procurement of any additional carpet necessary, purchase all the tapes required (NO DUCT TAPE), obtain and provide tools to carpet install crew, supervise carpet installation, and coordinate with field transport manager.

Control System setup: 1 team
Control System manager is in charge of getting the necessary computers for the scoring system, setup the network for the computers, and learn to use the FIRST scoring software. He is also in charge of unpacking and installation of field electronics, interfaces between scoring computers and A/V system, and coordinate with the A/V manager.

Side Events: 3 teams
Each side event manager is in charge of their side event.

Awards and trophies: 1 team
The award manager is in charge of making the awards.

Signage and Score board setup: 1 team
The signage manager is in charge of obtaining all the signage, score board, pit maps, and setting them up.

Registration Table Setup: 1 person
The registration manager is in charge of the table placement, paper work for registration and keep track of inspections sheet.

A/V: 1 team
The A/V manager is responsible for renting A/V equipment such as projectors and projection screens, obtaining microphones, coordinate connection to local sound system, placement of projection screens, coordinate with control system manager, design and hot stage computer display technology before
event, music selection, and coordinate and manage DJ.

Concession: 1 team
Concession manager is responsible for pre-buy food for event, coordinate food-preparers, coordinate food-servers, set menu and pricing, identify serving station and facilities, provide sufficient trash containers, cleanup and storage of left-over food, removal of all trash generated by food service, signage with prices and menu (working with signage manager).

Event Job position:

Management positions: (people required)
Event manager(s): 2
Field Manager(s): 2
Side event managers: 3
Head inspector: 1
Head Referee: 1
Pit Admin: 1

Field reset: 5~15
Queuing and traffic, field attendant: 4
Pit to field traffic direction: 4
Referees: 3~4
Score keepers: 2~3
Field tech: 2
Emcee and Announcer: 2
Registration helper: 2
Side event volunteers: 3~4 per event

Inspectors: 6~8
Inspector positions are open to all adults on all teams with experience in
the competition. Feel free to sign up if you want to see what it’s like to
inspect other teams’ robots!

Event Clean up:

All the setup managers are responsible for the break down of their area.
Field, pit, and trash clean up crew: 4 teams

Look forward to your replies ;). See you on July 26th!

-Ken Leung
Cal Game 2003 Manager

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to announce that registration for Cal Games 2003 is now
open. You may visit the registration page at
for event into, registration, awards description, and status of teams

When: September 20th.

Where: Woodside High School, Woodside, CA. (10 miles from Stanford University, map is included in the event info page)

What: The 4th Annual WRRF California Robot Games including the Full 2003 Stack Attack Tournament with “best-2-out-of-3” elimination format, plus 3 skill events, and WRRF & Workshop information for 2004 season.

Cost: Free to spectators. Entry fee for teams is posted in “register”.

How many teams: Cal Games 2003 is open for 32 teams to register.

September 19th (Friday) will be open from 5pm to 9pm for teams to set up their pit area, inspections, and possibly some time for side events that night. Take advantage of this time to set up your tools and get your robot working. The pit will be opened at 7am on Saturday for registration and inspection.

Ten reasons to attend Cal Games this year:

  1. It’s a very fun family-oriented event.
  2. It’s a low-stress way to introduce your team to the competition.
  3. You get to use last year’s robot again!
  4. New people can drive the machine in competition
  5. Arguably the coolest awards from any robotics competition!
  6. COMPLETELY community run!
  7. A great way to network with other students and mentors in your area.
  8. The more teams that participate, the more fun the competition is!
  9. Show your school administrators and parents what the competition is really like.
  10. Cal Games 2003 is the biggest off season competition WRRF has ever hosted!

Volunteering information: Volunteering positions will be posted on the registration page really soon.

Questions? Comments? Send them to [email protected]

-Ken Leung
California Robot Games 2003 Manager

Hello Everyone!

I’ve got two big announcements for Cal Games 2003 I think you will like :-). 
  1. Autonomous Mode Challenge
  2. NASA housing for visiting teams

Cal Games Autonomous Mode Challenge

Autonomous Mode is one of the few things FIRST introduced into the 2003 season for the first time. For 15 seconds, teams have to rely completely on the software they wrote to control the robot on the field to gain strategic advantages. We believe the autonomous mode is a valuable learning experience for all students, which is why we came up with this challenge. The Autonomous Mode Challenge aim to recognize the amount of work each programmer did on the robot, and to challenge each of them to make the program faster and better. Here is how it works:

During qualification rounds, all robots playing in the Stack Attack tournament will be timed from the start of the match to the moment their front wheels reach the top of the ramp on the HDPE surface. Each robot will be timed the last 3 rounds of the qualification rounds. At the end of qualification rounds, we will put together the data, and the top 4 teams with fastest times will enter the finals for the Autonomous Mode Challenge, unless they decline the opportunity.

Here is how finals work: The top 4 teams, team A, B, C, and D will be all on the field at the same time. In the first match, we will pair up the teams in the fashion of AB on the blue side of the field, and CD on the red side of the field. In the second match, we will pair up the teams as AD on blue and CB on red. In the third match, we will pair up the teams as AC on blue and BD on red. The team that gets to the top faster than the rest wins the match. The team that wins the most matches wins the challenge.

So get your programmers, start having more team meetings, and get your robot tuned up for the autonomous mode challenge!

Good Luck!

NASA housing for visiting teams

WRRF has worked hard to make it easier for teams from far away to attend Cal Games, and this is the result of that effort. We are able to get housing at Moffett Field/NASA, about 15 mins away from Woodside High School. The rate at Moffett/NASA is $40 single and $45 double. The rooms are very nice with two single beds and bath. All you need to get on the research park side is a valid Calif. ID, normally a driver’s license. We were not given a limit, so let’s see how many teams are taking advantage of this offer and we will go from there.

These are some of the things we never have in the previous Cal Games :-). I hope teams far are willing to take advantage of the housing offer, come and have fun at Cal Games, and meet the WRRF teams in the Bay Area!

And just a reminder, the registration page is up and running at

So go in there, get your team registered, become a member of WRRF, sign up for the 2 side events your team want to do (out of 3, not including the autonomous mode challenge), and start prepping for Cal Games 2003!

-Ken Leung
2003 Cal Games Manager

I am very excited that there are 17 teams registered for California Robot Games! For those of you who are interested, sign up before we run out of space!

Here are the following teams that registered for Cal Games:

100 Woodside Wildcats Woodside High School

114 Los Altos Robotics Los Altos HS

115 Monta Vista Robotics Team Monta Vista High School

192 Gunn Robotics Team Gunn High School

254 Nasa Ames Robotics Team Bellarmine College Prep

256 Willow Glen Rams Willow Glen High School

258 The Sea Dawgs Lincoln High School

481 De Anza Robotics Team De Anza High School

649 Saratoga Robotics Team Saratoga High School

668 The Apes of Wrath Pioneer High School

766 M-A robotics Menlo Atherton High Schoo

814 Megaforce Squadron Napa New Technology HS

840 Aragon Robotics Team Aragon High School

846 Lynbrook Robotics Team Lynbrook High School

1072 Harker Robotics The Harker School

1120 Milpitas Xtreme Robotics Milpitas High School

1151 The Hitchhikers Middle College H.S.

Hey Everyone!

    Just a reminder for Cal Games Registration.  If you haven't already done so, please register your team for Cal Games 2003!  We got 23 teams registered already, but the more teams participating, the more fun it will be.  The registration page is located at 

    If your already registered, please send a check to us as soon as possible.  Please let me know if there are problems regarding the payment.  The address of where you should send the check is included with the automatic e-mail after you registered for Cal Games.  Let me know if you need that again.

    A more complete agenda will be sent in the next day or two.  The basic one is available on the registration page inside "Event Info" on the Event Flyer.  I will be contacting each team by phone to make sure all the teams understand our schedule and got all the info they need.  Pit rules and more detailed directions to Woodside High School will be sent along as well.

    We also need more competition bins for the Stack Attack Tournament.  Please let me know how many bins you have available to let us use for Cal Games this year.  We ask that each team bring at least 1 bin with you to the competition.  

    Finally, a reminder for the meeting on this coming Saturday on the 13th.  This is a WRRF meeting about some WRRF progress, and a Cal Games meeting for all the volunteers and participating teams to come see the venue.  We will go over a little bit about WRRF, then move onto a tour around the campus to check out the parking space, places for loading and unloading, the traffic between the pit area and the gym, etc, and break down into groups of volunteers.  All teams are welcome to this meeting.  The meeting will start on 10am and last till 12noon.  

Here is the address for Woodside High School:

199 Churchill Ave
Woodside, CA
94062-1151, US

Please go to to check out the map around that area so you know how to get there. When you get off Woodside Road from the high way, turn into Churchill Ave entrance. Walk down the hill toward the soccer field and the last building is G-wing. Second room is G-4. We will be meeting in there. The campus map is located at:

    Thank you for your time!  See you this Saturday!

-Ken Leung

Hey Everyone!

I would like to thank those of you who made it to the volunteer meeting on Saturday. If you couldn’t make it, here is the info that was handed out at the meeting. If I haven’t contact you or your team specifically about your volunteer position, please come to the volunteer meetings for info and positions.

The following info is divided into Friday volunteers and Saturday
volunteers. Please forward to your volunteering team members.

September 19th, Friday

Where: Woodside high School, 199 Churchill Ave, Woodside, CA 94062

Volunteer Categories:

Field Transportation: Team 254
Floor Protection Transportation: WRRF
Floor Protection and Carpet Setup: Team 115, Team 649
Tents Setup: Team 256
A/V & Network Setup: Doug Moeller
Field Setup: Team 100, Team 254
Signage: Team 100
Pit Area Setup: Team 840
Sign Stands: Gold Family
Friday Dinner: Team 100
Inspection: Mark Whitehouse, Jon Lawton, Anh Nguyen, Patrick Wang, Dave

Friday Schedule:

4:00pm Volunteer meeting in Quad
4:15pm Unload Truck, Pit Area Setup, Campus Signage Setup, Tents Setup, Concession Setup
5:00pm Pit Area open for teams, Inspection begins
5:30pm Gym open for floor protection and playing field setup
9:00pm Pit Area closed for teams

Volunteer dinner will be supplied by Team 100 Friday evening

September 20th, Saturday (please note part of the schedule is updated in this e-mail)

Where: Woodside high School, 199 Churchill Ave, Woodside, CA 94062

Volunteer Categories:

Main field – Manager: Jason Morrella
Main field – Queuing: Team 22
Main field – Field reset: Team 1072
Main field – Field Tech: Doug Moeller
Main field – Scorekeeping: Dima, Jason Katzer
Main field – Referee: Mark Whitehouse, Jon Lawton, Sean Roberts, Patrick
WangDriver obstacle course: Team 192
Robot sumo wrestling: Team 1151
Human player challenge: Team 481
Autonomous challenge: Team 846
Public Relation: Flora Boyers, Jim Beck
Registration: Ceal Craig, Norma Hammes, Lucinda Gold
Inspection: Mark Whitehouse, Jon Lawton, Anh Nguyen, Patrick Wang, Dave Frydunlund
Music DJ: Team 254

Saturday Schedule:

6:00am: School open for core volunteers
7:00am: Pit area open for teams
8:00am: Volunteer meeting on the main field
8:30am: Team representatives meeting on the main field
9:00am: Opening ceremony
9:15am: Beginning of qualifying matches
2:10pm: End of qualifying matches, beginning of lunch break
2:30pm: Stack Attack tournament Alliance Selection
2:45pm: Play off for all 5 events
4:15pm: End of play off
4:30pm: Award ceremony
5:00pm: Clean up

Concession will open at 7am to supply breakfast and lunch in the Quad

A pdf file is included with this e-mail showing the floor plan of the gym, pit area, and Quad. For a map of the campus, please use the following link:

I will be contacting the side event, registration, PR, inspection and the setup volunteers in the next two day via e-mail. The rest of the volunteers, please come to the volunteer meeting on Saturday at 8:00am on the main field. Thank You So Much for volunteering!

-Ken Leung
Cal Games 03’ Manager

Hey Everyone!

Here is the official schedule and some info regarding what we have at California Robot Games this year.

Friday Schedule

5:00pm Pit Area open for teams to setup their space and get robot inspected
6:00pm Setup Volunteer Dinner*
9:00pm Pit Area closed

*There will be limited food for sale at the setup volunteer dinner for the teams

Saturday Schedule:

07:00am: Pit area open for teams; Registration, Inspection, and Concession open
08:30am: Team representatives meeting on the main field (1 per team)
09:00am: Opening ceremony
09:15am: Beginning of qualifying matches and side events
10:30am: VIP tour #1
01:00pm: VIP tour #2
02:10pm: Approximate End of qualifying matches, beginning of lunch break
02:30pm: Approximate Stack Attack Tournament Alliance Selection
02:45pm: Approximate Play off for all 5 events
03:00pm: VIP tour #3
04:15pm: End of play off
04:30pm: Award ceremony
05:00pm: Clean up

We got a great event for everyone this year! The main events will be the Stack Attack Tournament, Driver obstacle course, Robot Sumo, Human player challenge, Autonomous Mode Challenge, but that’s not all! Out in the quad there 3 demos from Botball, FIRST Lego League, and Robotics Society of America, as well as Segway demonstrations by the Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group. There will also be concession supplying breakfast and lunch for teams and spectator to buy through out the day.

More info regarding side event rules, parking, loading/unloading, pit rules, and stuff to bring will be sent to the participating teams tomorrow.

See you at Cal Games!

-Ken Leung
Cal Games 03’ Manager

Hey Everyone!

    Wow!  It's been more than a week since Cal Games, and I just barely recovered from the flu and the stress from the competition.  Now that I look back at the whole experience, all I can say is still, Wow!  I've never thought I could do anything close to the magnitude of Cal Games 03', and yet everything came together and the result was better than anything I could imagine.  It wasn't a coincident, or an accident though.  It happened because lots of wonderful people put in huge amount of time and energy into the competition, and I owe many thanks to each and everyone of the volunteers who made Cal Games possible.  

    I hope all of you managed to see how many people showed up this year to the competition, because every time I looked around, I was in awe of how packed the event was (about 500 bleacher seats total, plus the crowd around the playing field and scoring table, plus the people outside in the demos and concessions, plus the people in the pit area).  There must've been more than 800 people through out the day!  I hope all of you understand that those people were there because of their love for the competition and its value, and put forth whatever they can to make the event as successful and as much fun as it did, without asking for anything in return.  And THAT, is the true spirit of the group we have around here in California, something I am very proud of whenever I talk to other FIRST-a-holics from across the country.  I also hope that next time when you meet the same people at Silicon Valley Regional, or Sacramento Regional, you don't see them as opponents, but as partners...  friends...  or even family...  Because I do :-).

    Now, I don't want this e-mail to grow to endless pages of thank you's, but I still want to recognize EVERYONE who contribute to the success of California Robot Games 2003, so I am going to include a list of credits and simple thanks to few person in this e-mail.  Please take the time to look through it, and understand the amount of people it takes to put together Cal Games. 

    Also, please forward this e-mail to your team members and volunteers you know who aren't on the community list.

Many many thanks to the people who made Cal Games 03’ possible:

FIRST advisor/Field Manager- Jason Morrella
Thank You, Jason, for being the source of right answers and guidance every time I needed it, whether they be FIRST related, or just being a human being in general.

WRRF President- Ken Krieger
Thank You, Ken, for being a mentor and a friend at the darkest time through out the whole experience.

Woodside High School & Staff, Arlene and the rest of Team 100
Big Thanks to the Woodside folks for making Cal Games possible at their school!

Event Setup

Field Transportation- Jim, EJ, and the rest of Team 254
Floor, Field, Pit, and Venue setup- Team 254, Team 115, Team 256, Team 192, Team 100, Team 256, Team 649, Team
840, Gold Family, Earl Bock, Andy Lee, Bill Gold, and many more volunteers.

A/V and Network setup- Doug Moeller: What a guy! Without the endless experience and energy from Doug, the A/V and electronic portion of the event would not have been possible! Special Thanks to Doug!

Event Management

Head Referee- Mark Whitehouse
Head Inspector- Patrick Wang
Public Relation: Flora Boyer and Jim Beck
Scorekeeper: Dima
Field Tech: Alan Federman
Referees: Mark Whitehouse, Patrick Wang, Jon Lawton, Sean Roberts
Announcer: Ken Berry
Field Reset: Reesa Lawton, and SJSU volunteers
Concession: Team 100 and 115
Inspectors: Jon Lawton, Anh Nguyen, Dave Frydunlund, and other volunteers
Photographer: Peter Yim (Team 840)
Music DJ: Team 254
Event Clean Up: Team 100, Team 254, Team 1151, Team 115, and many more volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator- Heather Bunch: Thank you for the words of wisdom every time I needed it, and for looking after me and the rest of the group when we were all tired and stressed out.

Registration- Ceal Craig (team 1120), Norma Hammes and her daughter Lu (WRRF Board): Thank you, Ceal, for being so organized and on top of things at the registration table. Registration would not have happened without your help.

Side Events: Team 192 Gunn Robotics Team, Team 1151 Hitchhiker, and Team 481 De Anza Robotics Team, Team 846 Lynbrook Robotics Team.

Queuing and Pit to Field Traffic- Wendy Wooten and team 22 volunteers, and Stephanie (team 258) : Wendy and her team came all the way up from LA to help us! Many Thanks!

Master of Ceremony- Pail Copioli: Thank You so much, Paul, for coming out to California and made the competition so much more exciting with your energy and excitement! FIRST and Cal Games would be very different without you.

And Special Thanks to the gang in WRRF: Ken, Jim, Sandy, Norma, Flora, Valerie, Steve, and Joanne. I learned a lot from all of you.

This will be my last e-mail as Cal Games 03’ Event Manager. Again, I want to thank everyone who was there when I needed them. I learned A LOT of things through out this whole experience, and I wouldn’t trade anything with it. I am sorry I didn’t have a chance to chat with any of you at Cal Games, but hopefully I will be more awake in the future (I can only promise I will try) ;-). I also promise I will send out less e-mails next season ;-).

Last but not least, here is a list of award winners for the 4th Annual California Robot Games 2003:

Stack Attack Tournament Champion: team 968, 258, 481
Stack Attack Tournament Finalist: team 256, 254, 100

Driver Challenge Obstacle Course Champion: team 1072
Driver Challenge Obstacle Course Finalist: team 1120

Robot Sumo Wrestling Champion: team 968
Robot Sumo Wrestling Finalist: team 980

Human Player Challenge Champion: team 1151
Human Player Challenge Finalist: team 115

Autonomous Mode Challenge Champion: team 258

Highest Seeded Rookie: team 1151

Volunteer of the Year: Norma Hammes

Good luck with the up coming season! Go Teams!

-Ken Leung
Cal Game 03’ Manager signing out