Official Email From Clippard - Exploding White Airtank

Wanted to post this in a new thread with a more specific title so more teams read it.

I believe all teams who ordered the white plastic air tanks should have received this email, but just in case:

Dear FIRST Team Member,

Clippard has been made aware of an incident where the white
polypropylene air tank had burst. There are several factors that
could have led to this and Clippard is evaluating the issue. We have
yet to replicate the occurrence at a pressure below 700 psi, and
believe this to be an isolated occurrence. However, working with
tanks under pressure can lead to dangerous circumstances and
precautions must be taken.

Until a full evaluation is complete and in the interest of safety,
Clippard recommends that your team dispose of their current tanks and
replace them with the SS-1154, the 32in3 metal version, at no charge.
To replace your tank, reply to this email and include your team name
and number of tanks to be replaced. We apologize for any
inconvenience and wish you all success in your upcoming competition.


Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

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