Official FIRST Team Update

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The 2004 FIRST Robotics Competition
January 13, 2004 TEAM UPDATE # 01
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Add new rule G27 as below.
<G27> A robot cannot pin (inhibit the movement of another robot while on the
carpet) for more than 10 seconds. If a robot has been pinned for 10 seconds, the team
with the pinning robot will be told by the referee to release the robot and back away
approximately 3 feet. Once the pinning robot has backed off by 3 feet, it may again
attempt to pin its opponent and, if successful, the 10 second count starts over. If a
referee determines this rule to be violated, a 10-point penalty flag will be thrown for
each violation.
Section 6. The Kit
Please DO NOT e-mail FRC parts directly for any missing or broken parts. FIRST asks that
you please follow the instructions listed in section 5.3.1 of “The Robot” in your manual. You
will only have until January 16th to inventory your kit and notify FIRST. After that, parts will
no longer be available.
FRC Parts has received several Kit of Parts Checklists from teams that are missing parts and
we apologize for the mistakes and thank you for your patience and understanding. The
remaining items will be coming to you shortly.
FIRST is having a problem with supplies of some parts that teams seem to be missing and we
ask for your continued patience.
• SMC Pneumatics parts – These came pre-bagged directly from SMC. We will try to
accommodate any missing items from this bag if possible.
• Spacer Bag – We have a very limited supply left and have found that many teams are
missing these items. Please be patient and we will get them to you soon.
• LED’s from the Small Electrical Bag – These are not a crucial part to the kit and can
be purchased anywhere if needed.
Look for these documents to be posted very soon.
• MMH Order Form
• Batteries Plus Order Form
• Spec Sheets
• List of parts that will NOT be available at any FIRST event
Section 7. The Tournament
Modify 7.4.4, the 2nd bullet as below.
A maximum of four matches will be played; if, after four matches, neither Alliance has two
wins, match 4 will be replayed until an Alliance has 2 wins.

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