Official FIRST Week Zero 2016

In just under four hours, Week Zero 2016 has reached capacity! We are still accepting wait list registrations and teams will be taken off the wait list in order of when they register, so don’t delay in adding your team to the list!

Here is the updated list of registered teams:


Current wait list:


We will be sending invoices to all registered teams and the due date by the end of tonight.

Need any field resetters? Us “other staff”* need to practice too! Assuming you haven’t arranged for a snow storm again…

And Walpole RoboRebels 1153 are both registered and waitlisted?

  • You can look it up; it’s in the rules – the field resetters are resigned to be called “other”.

Field Resetters:

Sure thing! We met with a few FIRST folks yesterday and field reset was mentioned. There’s always opportunity.

This year Kelly Ashton (FIRST) will be holding volunteer training sessions across the hall in the theater (sorry, popcorn’s not allowed :rolleyes: )

With a full house, we’d like to know approximately how many members each team is expecting to have at the event; it’ll help to plan concessions.

Please let us know via email to with your team # in the subject line and the approximate headcount in the message body. Please respond by Tuesday, 16-Feb-2016, 7PM.

See you all on 2/20!

Clarification on the training in the little theatre.

This is NOT for volunteers, but for Head Referees, and not open to the public.

Sorry for the confusion!

Any possibility of a webcast?

So, volunteer Field Resetters are to meet in the school’s weight room for training? :smiley:

This is an excellent question and completely slipped our minds when planning this scrimmage.

Unfortunately, none of us on Chop Shop have any streaming experience nor do I believe we have anywhere close to the right equipment to provide a serviceable webcast. If we get some help, then it could happen, but it’s rather unlikely that we, Chop Shop, will be able to set this up in short order.

Maybe contacting NE FIRST or FIRST HQ could make this possible.

Good news, everyone!

We have contacted both NE FIRST and GameSense. Francis O’Rourke and Ty Tremblay of GameSense quickly got back to us and we are working together to make a live stream of Week Zero possible!

There are still a few questions that we need answered from our host venue, but we are getting closer to having a webcast of Week Zero. More information will be supplied soon.

That’s awesome, thanks! Looking forward to it.

We’re excited for the opportunity! The plan is to offer a single camera full field view that we’ll stream on the GameSense Twitch channel.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM me.

Sounds cool! :wink:

5813 is excited to participate in Week Zero 2016! :slight_smile:


We are excited to announce that, in collaboration with GameSense, Chop Shop will be broadcasting a live stream of the 2016 Official FIRST Week Zero via the GameSense Twitch channel!

Check it out Saturday morning at!

Have no fear, the ORIGINAL Week “0” event, Suffield Shakedown will be streaming via team 230, the Gaelhawks,

We are looking to use this to test our scouting system. Would it be possible for the match schedule to be posted online?

It should be available via the FRC API

And it should be available on TBA as well. Hooray for preseason dry runs!

@ all: What language do you use to access the FRC API?

TBA uses python.

I have the following bash function defined for local testing (using httpie):

function frc-api {
    AUTH=$(echo -n '<username>:<token> ' | base64)
    http $1 "Authorization: Basic ${AUTH}"

I use C# for the FRC API but that’s mostly for Visual Studio and WindowsForms so I can make fun GUIs. I use python for the TBA API.