Official FRC Bumper Guide released

While its also been brought up in the “Bumpers are hard” thread, I think this is important enough to have its own thread. @Kelsey_Draus has worked on bumper guides for a few years now, and this year FIRST has published a slightly revised version of her guide for all teams this season. These guides are an amazing resource if your team is struggling to figure out bumpers, and its great that its now an official resource, even if it is hidden behind the “Technical Resources” page.


Glad this is all together in an official FRC document. I was surprised by the level of throughness. It quite detailed, especially when it comes to materials. There are a few tips and tricks that are left off upon my skim of the document, but all the same, should go in the team resources thread this year.

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This is great to have for inexperienced bumper builders. Thanks FIRST.

Also just for fun:

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