Official - Mike Martus Goal 9/15

Many persons have asked about the dimensions on the goals.

Justin is working on a better list of measurements.

I have built both goals and have some insight:

  1. Not all 3/4 plywood is 3/4. Did you know that if the plywood is from Canada it is metric and smaller by almost 1/16.

  2. Not all 2 X 4 are 1 1/2 X 3 1/2. They vary as much as 1/8 depending upon the mill they were from.

This means that you may have to tweak your goal a little to get the desired effect.

Justin will post the exact model of caster from Home Depot. Casters vary as much as 1/8 in height and still be called 3" Casters.

Add to that the differences in fittings, even within the same box.

Please remember: If you build a robot that is critical to a dimension you may be in trouble because of the many variables. Design for a range of sizes. That is why all sizes as plus or minus 10 inches :slight_smile:

As Mike Martus said, dimensions will vary slightly on many materials. If you want to take a look at the actual goals that are to be used, every team is welcome to come by and see the goals themselves at OSTCNE. Call me at 248-451-2732 to set up a time. I’m going to try to find a site at the south end of the county where we can leave two of the goals to save on drive time.