Official Onshape CHARGED UP Field Models

Happy 2023 Kickoff everyone!

The PTC Education team has put together two official Onshape field models of the CHARGED UP competition field. These Onshape documents contain the full field model, organized folders of the subassemblies, and a how-to guide for new users.

The lightweight version with hardware removed for significantly faster loading (recommended):

The full version with all hardware:

Best of luck this season, and we can’t wait to see what you design!


Many thanks to PTC Education for this! Can you provide an updated version of those models which has materials set so that it is equivalent to the Solidworks version? If that is hard, how about a version which explicitly set the masses and moments of inertia for the moving parts of the charging station? Or if anyone with Solidworks installed can post that information from the Solidworks models I can update my copy of the Onshape models accordingly.

The closest I can find is that the Readme for the TE Charging Stations says “Pivoting assembly of field CHARGE STATION has a CAD-estimated weight of 209 lbs.” Unfortunately, it’s not clear if that includes the ramps and no moment of inertia info is given. I really want mass and MoI for the top section and a ramp separately.

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Appreciate the thought, but we’re still building our own lite lite field. So many holes and edges and transparencies that are slow on our school network…

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