Official Rule responses

I am already nervous we are being set up again for rules getting answered in different ways. Here are 2 responses from 2 different FIRST engineers

OK they both say, in effect, the exact same thing, but why 2 responses?

Some rules question were deleted because no ‘specific’ rule number was included. While some questions that contained no such info were answered.

Overall i like the set up and design, its just after last years “How many pnuematics can we use” and the whole tether rule change I am a bit jumpy

So far I gotta say I love the game this year.

It seems that a lot of rules are contradicting what was said during the kickoff. (ex. partial SHU’s rounded down ,stacked robots not counted for 25 “King of the hill” points, etc.

Hey Eric, are you asking a question, or just griping?

I think the 2 responses are from the same engineer. He either accidentally posted a new reply instead of editing the old one, or for some reason he thought the original post didn’t get through, so he posted the second one.

Can you cite some questions which were deleted for not referencing a rule? My guess is that any questions which were retained in spite of their transgression were probably judged to be worthy of a response in spite of their shortcoming, while the ones deleted were likely redundant or simply inane.

Fair enough

I guess in my round about way I was both asking a question and asking that other folks who have posted to the Rules site keep the community informed.

I asked a question the Sunday of the first weekend about tethers, before I saw they wanted specific rule numbers.

When I search on my signon name for that site (estokely) I see one post that has -1 posts to it. When you click on that its empty. I seems that the -1 indicates they did not accept the question.

I saw several other question answer without the rule number. So I was a bit confused/concerned.

So the official question of my chiefdelphi site is this:

Have you noticed any odd answers to your own questions or were any one else’s deleted?

My main motivation for posting here was to try to prevent the issues that (I feel) hurt last years game.

In general I understand the engineers from FIRST are dealing with a HUGE volume of questions and doing the best that they can. In specific they have often answered my questioned in the past in a timely and specific manner.

thanks for making me clarify my position.

One last add

I just saw the team update on the tether issue this. I applaude it.

Also the updates are really good this year. specific and in .pdf

No if only we could really decide what the correct robot to build…