Official: Scoring change

All team leaders will get an e-mail outlining the change in scoring.

As we ( the game developers ) watched the game evolve we identified a weak area that needed attention.

Most teams did not even attempt to move the goals from their starting position as they did not score many balls in them.

The developers called a Team Leaders meeting at the end of the day and proposed a change that 16 out of 18 teams voted YES for.

Here it is:

Each goal touching the scoring zone at the end of the match will earn 3 points regardless of ball count in them. This in effect can yield an alliance 6 total points if both Tall and Short goals are in the scoring zone in addition to any ball scores.

We feel this additional scoring method will encourage robot action near the end of the match and open more possibilities for strategy.

Thank you for your understanding as we try to make this a great game, fun and challenging for all teams while being as fair as possible.