Official Twitter Hint

Recent game hint from Twitter @FRCTeams

“Game hint – 2 Black Box Robots… #FRCKO

Any ideas?

It was posted by FRCTeams, run by the director of FRC. So yes, I believe it is official.

Kinect maybe? Balancing on the teeter-totter that was in the other clip?

Kinect to balance the teeter totter. Black Box Robots could be what you have to balance.

Yeah this hint makes sense in coordination with the “balance” thing they had, there were several black box type things on the teeter-totter animation in the broadcast… I’m scared!

Link to tweet

That just sounds like a description of the robots they build each year.

Two robots per alliance?

Flying minibots…

Heavy field to contain minibots
“2 black box robots” (2 robots) (black box on planes)
Dean talking about flying
College demonstration last year
High speed counters
Helicopters need balance

It all makes sense

I’ve been going CRAZY trying to find the clip from Kickoff where Dean Kamen talks about the E-Watt bulbs. Sitting right next to him, almost in the way of his hands was a control box with three sections:

  • Read Team
  • Blue Team
  • First Pro (i think those where the exact words)
    And the light lit up over this control box!!!
    Could there be two FIRST controlled robots on the field during competition??? Or am I misinterpreting what I saw and cannot find?