Official Ultimate Ascent Thread!

Oh boy, here we go again. So, what do you think?!?

Oh my god. oh my god this is freaking awesome!
I’m so excited for climbing robots and FRISBEES


Alright now to look into winch systems haha

Anyone having issues taking the manual decryption code?

Mine won’t accept it. :confused:

Shades of Round Up.

I personally think it was a bit soon for another hanging game… But overall, it looks fun.

My initial thoughts as well.

sAucersFlyRobotsClimb! works fine for me.

so shooting these frisbees…

So a frisbee shooter and some way to climb up the tier rungs? Got it. Sounds fun.

Robot size is smaller…

Some aspects of this remind me of Breakaway (at least the end-game portion)… poring over the manual right now, some pretty specific rules regarding the robot. Definitely gonna be an interesting year.

Also, two shooting games in a row? Guess we’re breaking the mold this year.

Anyone have an idea for climbing the rungs? Besides going under then up…:confused:

Rules G31/32/33 are pretty interesting, might be worth focusing on for alliance selection valuability?

The pyriamid is never going to give you up, never going to let you down.

Robots are smaller this year.

A. total length of the FRAME PERIMETER sides may not exceed 112 in.

38+38+28+28 = 132

That is a LOT smaller.

Are the field diagrams up yet?

Frisbee Launcher.
It’s a bit too big for a robot, though.