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We’ve been building a scouting app in html+js. Current thinking is offline mobile devices would have a pre-loaded webpage that generates QR code .That’s read by a central scouting machine which stores the data locally in sqlite db. Our problem right now is that we can’t get a webpage to display offline on a mobile device (“read later” etc). Anyone have success with this? TIA-

There are apps like HTML Viewer that you can pre-load with an HTML file for offline viewing. Not sure if it also works with JS though but you can try. I believe there are other apps on the App Store of Play Store if you just search “HTML Viewer” or something along those lines.

I was curious about this, so I copied the HTML files for my own web page to my Android phone storage (using my desktop computer and Windows File Explorer). Then on the phone, I went to the file (using the Settings “Storage” to find the correct folder) and opened it with the phone’s browser.

But it’s a pretty simple web page, no js or anything.

This is probably your best bet. I’ll be interested if your solution works off your Android’s main storage folders with your JS, though. Our scouting system works off an offline webpage as well.

As far as iOS goes, though, you’re probably hosed.

Why not make a Progressive Web App with offline functionality? Visit it once and its stored offline for later use, can even add to homescreen. Or, look into React Native if you want an installable, totally offline app written in the languages of the web.

If all you’re after is literally copying some HTML files onto a device and running them in the browser, that is possible on Android. If you’re on Android, you should be able to just copy the files over USB connection, and use a file:/// url to open them in Chrome. iOS, there’s not really an easy way to do this so PWA is probably your best bet.

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I made our team’s scouting app with near-vanilla JS this year, so I thought I would elaborate on @aidanh010’s ideas.

For our team’s dedicated scouting tablets, we load the app onto the device storage through git, and then run the app with WebView (Chrome works too) over the file:// protocol. WebView allows us to run it in fullscreen without having to run as a PWA.

Deploying code from git directly is a bad practice however, you can just copy over through USB.

Might be a little late in the season to make a whole new scouting app, but for a truly native app, this is the way to go. I would recommend NativeScript instead of React Native because you can write NS with vanilla JS (No JSX learning curve).

PWA has more hoops to jump through because you have to set up a server to download the WebAPK initially, but afterwards the OS handles storage and updating, and it functions like a normal native app.

This app i mentioned in my post is actually for iOS

Oh? Guess I didn’t know that. Still curious if it runs JS, though.

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