Offseason Competition Questions

Our team has decided to start organizing a sweet repeat. We have never hosted a repeat contest in the past and would like to welcome any helpful suggestions pertaining to organizing this event.

Suggestions including, but not limited to, the process of obtaining a field and the price, and any method of transporting it to our school would be much appreciated.

What is a sweet repeat?

Do you mean an offseason? I believe “sweet repeat” refers to a specific existing offseason.

I believe they’re reffering to Sweet Repeat, the off season competition held in Michigan.

oops, i realize my mistake. we are planning on hosting an offseason competition. so the same question above (the details on getting ready, mainly how to acquire a field) also applies still.

A good start might be to check out the white papers section.
Search on “IRI” or “Indiana Robotics Invitational”. We have posted a few
'everything you need to know about the IRI" papers from 2004 and 2005.

PM me and we can chat more details.