Offseason competitions in California a bad team can get into

After our rookie year, we really liked our first (no pun intended) season of FRC and want to go to some offseason competitions in California. We did some research and it looks like many of the competitions near us (Silicon Valley) require an application that gauges how competitive and good your team is (Chezy Champs and CalGames are the two closes to us and thats what they do from what it looks like). Seeing how we won only 3 games in 2 regionals, didn’t work for almost an entire regional, and won no awards, we are not the best by any standard. We still want to compete in offseason though, so I was wondering if anyone who has been in FRC for a few years know of competitions in California that don’t require an application? I looked at previous CD posts, the California FIRST website, and simple google for offseason events, and all i’ve found so far is Madtown Throwdown and Battle at the Border, both of which are kind of far away from us (which is not ideal but we can still go with it if it’s our only option). Any suggestions?

Please consider Beach Blitz (2018 dates coming soon!)

While we do have an application process because demand surpasses available space, we do our best to select a great mix of teams.

Come to Canada! We are nice! We will take you :slight_smile:

Capital City Classic, maybe? That’s Sacramento-area.

The SCRRF Fall Classic is slated to be back after a year off, but it’s down in Orange County. (Two single-day events back to back, if they follow previous form.)

Beach Blitz is an application-type event in Orange County.
Battle at the Border is clear down in San Diego, so that means long travel for you.

I’ve heard rumors of up to 3 other offseasons in SoCal, but they’re all south of MadTown.

Since y’all’re from Mountain View, I’ll focus on the NorCal events.

CalGames doesn’t have an application, and recently has allowed teams to bring multiple robots to fill spots. If you work hard over the summer and improve, you should try applying to Chezy Champs. I’m not from 254 so I cannot say anything for certain, but I believe there are other factors aside from competitiveness that they look for in teams they invite to their event, and showing in your application that you’ve been working on improving would likely hold weight. I would also highly recommend attending Capital City Classic if possible - it’s a bit of travel but there are invaluable workshops there that your team should attend to really learn from the pros. Madtown Throwdown is always my favorite event, but like CCC it is a couple of hours away from the bay area. If you could only have one travel offseason event and your main goal is to learn as much as you can, I would suggest Capital City Classic over Throwdown, but if you can do both I suggest both. Having an active and improving offseason is one of the best things you can do for your team.

I hope this helps!

BoB did not happen in 2017, we hope to go to 2018 (after venue upgrades) come down and get some Fish Tacos.

There’s also Capital City Classic ( up in Davis, hosted by 2073, 1678, and 3859. I hear there are workshops at this offseason which could be beneficial for training before build season. I think Calgames is less of an application and more of a registration process. It’s a fun event and is typically less competitive than other local offseasons like Chezy Champs.

OK, So it looks like Capital City Classic is a really good one.

We also plan on building a really cool second robot so Madtown and Capital City look like good ones for us to have multiple drive teams/robots.

How/when do sign-ups for these events occur? Very few of their websites show information regarding application/sign up.

Generally signups will open when announced. Might be a couple months yet.

The hosts need to line up their venues and fields, then get teams and volunteers, that sort of deal.

We’re gonna try and apply for Capital City Classic even though were in AZ. Definitely hitting the SoCal events and Texas.

One of the (many) reasons why I love Beach Blitz is its focus on helping teams and individuals grow. A few examples of this:

  • At least 10 qualification matches per team (though, this is not unheard of in Cali offseasons)
  • Workshops and panels on technical and nontechnical aspects of FIRST (lead by students, mentors, and alumni - a great resource for new and returning students)
  • Anyone is welcome to volunteer for any role. This helps on two levels. First, more people are learning and getting experience which is always a great thing. Also, the satisfaction of the volunteers is so high (higher than basically any other event I’ve ever been part of) and if we’re happy, the teams are happy.
  • Lots of giveaways
  • Beach/fish taco adjacent.

Good luck this season!

If you dont mind coming way up north a ways, Robot Rewind has had on average about 16 teams (aka tons of room for more teams), and has been super fun and laid back!

It sounds like the Capital City Classic would be perfect in your situation. It’s pretty close to the Bay Area with moderately cheap hotels and a laid back but competitive atmosphere.

By far the best part though, especially for a rookie team, is the array of seminars that take place at interval during the competition. In the past they’ve had CAD seminars from 973 and Strategy seminars from 1678, just to name a couple. The entire competition is put on hold for these seminars, so the Drive Team will also have time to sit in.

As one of the hosting teams for CCC, I will admit, I have a bias.

Here is how I break down the 4 off season events in N. Cal:

Chezy Champs.
An extremely well run event that can provide the highest level of competition you will find anywhere. Competition can be very motivational. You will be inspired by other teams. You will learn from other teams, and make great contacts if you reach out.

Cal Games.
Not as competitive as CC, but still decent.

Capital City Classic.
Competition level is increasing every year. Cost to attend is minimal. Workshops are invaluable. It will be hosted by Citrus Circuits this year in Davis Ca. The workshop line up is still to be determined.

Madtown Throwdown.
Always a lot of fun! Very relaxed environment. Competition level is usually very good as most teams attending have been competing all fall and drive teams are hitting their stride.

Attendance at CG, CCC, and MTTD is by application, not invitation. CCC rarely fills up, but has this past season. So, if you want to attend CCC, apply as early as you can. We have not opened registration yet, so take a look at, and check back every couple weeks.