Offseason Driver Station Update

An update to the FRC Driver Station has been released for use during the offseason. This optional update contains fixes to a number of issues that may improve your experience, particularly while participating in offseason events using an FMS system. This update is being released as a standalone ZIP file to minimize download size and allow side-by-side installation in order to fall back to the competition season version if necessary.

This is great news (I think) as I was worried about the long delays observed during the two events my team attended (non-field-reset delays, that is) and want to make sure we can “pull off” a reasonably aggressive match turn-around schedule for THOR this fall. I started this thread on the topic, and got some good information about connection issues.

Are these connection issues the items that are addressed by this update?

Should we “strongly suggest” that everyone make this update before participating in our event? I was planning on having a volunteer visit each team to look at their driver station, make sure software is correct, remove any background programs that could be running and interfering, etc.