Offseason drivetrain (X-009 style)


This offseason, my team is trying out this new style of drivetrain, taking inspiration from 148’s X-009 project. A few things are different however. First and foremost, we have a one piece, wrap around bellypan, which we think will increase the overall strength and rigidity of the chassis. Second, instead of chains, we are using belts. Third, our bumper support construction is different as well, as it wraps around the tube assembly.

Thoughts? Questions?


It looks like you’re using a lot of solid, thick sheets of aluminum. Why not add some large lightening holes to take out the extra weight?
What are you planning on making this one? Turret punch, laser, etc? Make sure your sponsor can do what you want them to and hold the tolerances for those nested Cs.


Our team doesn’t add lightening patterns until the very end of our design process, so that’s why they aren’t there yet. They are just really difficult to modify if something else comes up. Our sponsor has a laser cutter and a cnc press brake.


You might wanna check what kind of tolerance the laser cutter can hold. From personal experience Ive found industrial laser cutters to hold .005 and be particularly bad at bearing holes. But YMMV.


If you are serious about building this, or something like it, you should send what you have now to your sponsor to ensure their equipment can do what you want. Specific areas of concern are the depth of the larger C-channel and the bends at each end of the belly pan (not all brakes will have the tooling to do this) and the bumper support(?) in the third render (may need specially made tooling to make some of those bends). If you have not done so, it would be worth asking your sponsor to spend some time with the designers on your team to tell them what their equipment can and cannot do.


We checked with them about this specific design and from what they tell us, this design will work for us. They assured us they could have bearing holes lined up close enough to spin without issue.


As far as bearing holes go, we are undersizing holes then reaming them out.


Our Head Mechanical Designer at work thought that there might be difficulties in making all the folds for the bumper support (shown in your 3rd picture) unless some special tooling is used. Such tooling, if they have it, will increase the setup time and increase the cost to your sponsor.