Offseason Event at Robogames

So, Combots and the RFL have been organizing this totally awesome robotics event at Fort Mason in San Francisco for the last few years. The competition includes almost every robotics-sport, including combat robots, Robo-One, Sumo, Humanoid challenges, and Bot Soccer (just to name a few). In fact, there are 70 different classes in all! :yikes:

Surprisingly, FIRST is not included in the list of events :frowning: (FRC,FTC,FLL). I believe the organizers have tried to get local teams interested, but haven’t really known how to go about doing it.

If they get enough teams interested and get some people to organize volunteers and construct the field I’d bet they would be willing to host a full scale Off-season event. This could be one of the most awesome venues for an off-season of all time.
(Fort Mason is the end pier)

Not only is there a great deal of space, but it is a common tourist destination and there would be LOTS of spectators walking in. This would be a great opportunity for teams to spread the FIRST message around, as well as look for sponsors and mentors.

…. And of course there’s the sorry fact that at the moment there are only like two off-seasons west of the Mississippi :frowning:

So wadya all think? The event would be sometime in May (or right after school in June) and would have relativley low entrance fees (I’m basing this off of the cost of entering battlebots something like $50-100 I believe).

Would you come? Would you volunteer?

I don’t pretend to know anything about organizing offseasons, I’m just trying to drum-up interest.

Our team is actually planning to participate in some of the robogames events.
There is a humanoid competition hosted there and we intend to bring our robonova into battle. Also we hope to build a combat robot.

Awww Martin, you beat me to posting it here.

I think it’d be perfect for the WRRF to handle alongside calgames (keeping calgames in fall) or in it’s place.

For anyone interested, the man who runs it is extremely overloaded with it. He will not run this for us or make the arrangements, that’s why someone like the WRRF is needed to handle the organization.