Offseason event expansion

Hey all,

Does anyone know of a team that’s successfully expanded an offseason event to another location? (i.e. if 1730 made CowTown Throwdown happen in Chicago).


Can you elaborate a little more on this question please?

IRI moved from Kokomo to northeast Indianapolis. Teams 45, 234, and 1024 might have something to say to your questions, once you ask them.

Exactly what is the OP post about? We are planning events here in Becker, MN for the off season and I would like to know the impetus for the inquiry.

I’m wondering because we’ve hosted Girls’ Generation for six years, and for the past two 2046 has hosted Girls’ Generation Washington. I’d like to say that we’re the only team to have expanded an event in that fashion in our Chairman’s essay, but if there’s another team that’s done it I won’t say that.