Offseason Event - Robotstock 2021 [Pennsylvania]

Who’s ready for offseason events this year!

FRC teams 4575 and 6327 are running an offseason event called Robotstock on October 2 and 3 this year and we want you to come play!

This event could be run as one 2-day event or 2 separate 1-day events with a discount for attending both days. 2 events with 2 chances to win sounds like fun!

Wanna come play at Robotstock?
Fill out our interest form, tell us what you think and registration will open soon.

In addition….more bang for your buck

Robotstock is not only an off season event, it is a 2-day, 55,000 sq ft STEM expo with hands-on activities for all ages in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Hall in Oaks, PA. It was held in 2019 and is going to be held again this year! The FRC offseason event will happen inside of the larger expo which means it is a great outreach opportunity for any teams interested. Besides the standard 10x10 pit, any teams interested can also have another 10x10 space to show off their program to the numbers of attendees, which is projected to be over 7,000.


Has the competition portion of this event received FMA support/go-ahead? What COVID safety protocols will be put in place?


Hey Sean, Thanks for the question.

The competition portion is not supported by FMA, but is being supported by AndyMark and FIRST Robotics. We secured a field and necessary FTAs for the event. For covid protocols, we will follow CDC and state guidelines for the event , plenty of sanitizing stations will be provided throughout. As CDC recommendations may change we will be monitoring them closely.

The event is definitely a GO and will go live for registration soon!


We are so excited to see so many of you fill out the interest form! We can’t wait to get back to playing robots.

Custom awards and banners too!

The link to our interest form can also be found on our website:

We are still planning the details, but we hope to return with some major themes/attractions in addition to the FRC event including:

  • “Women in Stem” Guest Speakers and presenters, including an ‘Original Rosie the Riveters’

  • Girl Scout Badge programs

  • FTC Demonstrations

  • FLL Demonstration and ‘5 min bot’ robot building

  • FRC Robot Drive Experience, including ‘old’ Field Elements to drive around

  • Makers Fair, including local makers , crafts, local universities, cosplayers, and other vendors with hands on activities

  • Electronics Take-Apart. (Fun taking apart old electronics to see what is inside)

  • and many more…

If you know of anyone interested in any of these areas please check out the volunteer, Vendor, or Non-Profit sections for registration. Or if you have some other ideas of cool stuff you would like to see on our convention floor, please add to the discussion.


We have had a few teams ask about bringing FLL and FTC teams. All are welcome! We can demo and run scrimmages plus it is a GREAT opportunity for outreach!

Official registration for Robotstock will be opening tomorrow, 7/9. We are going to have 32 slots for teams to register. More information will be available on our website and in another post tomorrow!

Some people have also been asking to see a few photos of how the event went last time so here you go!



The event will be October 2-3 with qualification matches and alliance selections on the the 2nd, and elimination matches and awards on the 3rd. We are looking for 32 teams to register so everyone can play in eliminations!

Now, Robotstock isn’t just an offseason event. There are many other opportunities that your team will have by registering!

For all teams looking to get some extra outreach in, we’ll be offering 10x10 booths to any team that is interested so you can showcase your program to the attendees at Robotstock.

We know many of you worked hard to complete the @ Home challenges during the 2021 competition season and we want you to be recognized for that work! We will have the driving course and a shooting area set up for you to show off our skills in between matches and compete against the other teams.

We will also be hosting an afterparty on the 2nd from 6pm-8:30pm that is included with your registration. All team members and mentors that attend the offseason event are welcomed to join!

There will be many opportunities for teams to win awards with custom trophies. A full list of them can be found on our website. Event winners will get a tie dye banner to celebrate their achievements.

$250 for 1 team
$150 for all additional teams (rookies, second robot, etc.)

Let me know if you have any questions about the event! Our website has some more information too: FIRST Teams | Robotstock

Register Here → FRC Team Registration

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Here are some more fun pictures from last time.

Town made from recycled packaging for FLL Jr

FLL Build and demos

Women in STEM presentations

FTC Demonstrations and Scrimmage

Local Makers
Maker1 Maker2 Maker3

Electronics Take-A-Part
Take1 Take2

and much more Robot Fun
Fun1 Fun1 Fun3

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We are looking for volunteers for both our offseason event and the overall expo. No FIRST or STEM experience required! If you’re interested please fill out this form here →

We also have some spots left for our offseason event so if your team is interested in attending please register here →

Just an update: Yes, we have been carefully following the latest data released by the CDC. We will, likely, require universal masking at this event regardless of vaccination status. Our state guidelines may not match up to CDC recommendations but we will go with the more rigorous recommendations at the time. We are still accepting teams and we do have teams who have offered up a robot for teams that can not get to their robots and/or never finished their robots. Please reach out with questions!


Hello, do you have a a list of teams currently registered for the event?

Here are the list of teams currently:

316 (Beta)
1640 (Beta)

Registration is still open! Here’s the link to register for anyone interested →

COVID policies will be coming out shortly so be sure to check back soon for that information.

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When we announced Robotstock, things were a lot different than they are now. At the time we announced that we would follow CDC, State, and Local guidelines.

We wanted to wait to see where we stood before we issued guidelines. Robotstock is an off season event and an event that is open to the public. That will not change.

But we have made some changes to our health plan taking into account the new (daily) changes regarding the Delta variant and the local conditions.

Masks will be required. All team members, mentors, and attendees of Robotstock must be masked at all times regardless of vaccination status. Masks are just like safety glasses. You wear them or you are asked to leave.

The FRC competition field and the pits will be separate from the public areas. All pits will be cordoned off and the field will have a 10’ minimum safety perimeter to ensure the general public will not get too close to the field.

The pits will be spaced 5’ apart from one another. Pit areas will be marked off and a 5’ buffer area will be around each pit.

There will be a ten person limit, per team, to team members actively in the FRC areas. The ten team members will have a colored wristband that will allow them access to the FRC area. Additional team members are welcome at Robotstock but will remain outside of the FRC specific area. They are allowed in the seating area around the field to watch, cheer, scout, etc.

The seating area to watch the field will be made up of chairs, not the standard bleachers. This is because chairs can be spread out more easily and allow us to monitor social distancing better.

Outreach booths, as well as all of our booths, will be spaced in the expo center. There is plenty of room to spread out.

The expo center has large loading doors that will be open for the event. Outside air will be circulating in the expo center.

Below is the floor plan for the event. While it may change before Robotstock, this should give you all a good understanding of how everything will look and what spacing will be like.