Offseason Events Database

In the hopes of creating a database of all the FRC offseaon events, I have made a public Google Spreadsheet where any team can add info about their event. There are columns for location, price, date, and website. Hopefully, this spreadsheet will make it easier for teams who are looking for events in their area.

Spreadsheet link

I added the amazing off season event that Team 1730, Team Driven, hosts year to year, with the help of the other two R7 Triple Alliance teams (1986 and 1987). The competition is fierce, the atmosphere is amazing, and we usually manage a special team or two (cough16 1986 3928 etc. cough). It’s a Midwestern event, but we love getting teams from out of town if they can make it!

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Now that the season is over, I wanted to bump this thread so more people could add their offseason events to the spreadsheet. As I said before, a database of all the offseason events could help teams find local events they might want to attend.

I’ve stickied this thread on request; that should make it a little more obvious. :slight_smile:

I also added the column for the official CD threads in the hopes of speeding access and minimizing duplicate threads.

(And, of course, I added SCRIW.)

What a great idea!

I’ve added MidKnight Mayhem as well, since we’re new.

Edit: Ha, someone beat me to it! Nice.

Could we add a column for off-season event winners? Optimistically someone at the event would post/update the spreadsheet with the results?

Team 2073 is going to be hosting an off-season competion this is on September 13,14. This is going to be in Sacramento,CA. The location will be decided this week so I will update the excel sheet when I get the info. I like that many teams will be hosting an offseason and hope everything ends good. :]

Note corrected IRI date (7/19-7/20 according to their website and other posts)…was listed as 7/9-7-10 for some reason.

(This is basically a bump post).

School has started and you’re itching to get back into FRC mode. You’ve spent all summer dreaming about what you’ll do once you get access to your 2013 robot again-- finally mount that climbing mechanism you had to leave off, adjust your intake to account for greater tolerances, and tune your shooter for the edge cases you didn’t anticipate at competition in March and April. And once you’ve done all these things, you want a chance to relive the stress, excitement, and chaos of competition. You want another opportunity to chase glory.

So you should go to an offseason event! In 2013, approximately 1500 teams will participate in more than 60 off-season tournaments, invitationals, exhibitions, and competitions. For less than the cost of a swerve module or two, you can spend a day honing skills and introducing new team members (including new mentors and teachers!) to the concepts of FIRST.

Use this tool to find one in your area and sign up today!

Is there going to be another database created for the 2014 site.

We are looking for some in the NE area and only know of BTB, Battlecry, Mayhem in Merrimack.
Someone said there was going to be another Boston one this year…

Where is Wolcott, down in Connecticut, is going to be June 14th this year.

Mainely Spirit hosted by 2648 was incredibly fun!

Ask and you shall receive.

Awesome, thanks for the lightning fast response. Great job compiling everything.
Anyone know when the Beaton Blitz will be?
(we have to submit our requests to the school pretty early, ~2 months, if we want to go.)

Historically it’s been on the first Saturday in June, but I don’t know if that will remain for sure. I suggest PMing Brandon Holley from 125 about it.

The Beantown Blitz is on Sat, June 28, 2014
at the Matthews Arena at Northeastern University, Boston MA.

I am a volunteer with the committee that is running the off-season FIRST event, Battle O Baltimore (September 20).

I have been tasked with researching awards at similar off-season events elsewhere. So, can you tell me, for your event, what awards you are giving and the criteria? We would also greatly appreciate knowing what you have found to be not terribly successful.

Thanks very much,

Jeff Meyers

I updated the Ohio Champs event with the Webcast link

What have other events used to protect floors during competition? What have you used that has worked? What have you done that didn’t work?

It is not too late to consider another off-season event. Cowtown Throwdown is a great time in Lee’s Summit, MO. We are just outside Kansas City and welcome all comers. We have several openings available and like to have new teams join us. It is on Halloween this year. It should be a fun time. Look at the website and see if you are able to join us.

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