Offseason inventor challenge.

I’m really disappointed in you guys. I thought someone would have been able to come up with something to keep everyone busy, but apparently not, and since I can’t run Inventor on my computer, I’d like to post a challenge to everyone else.

What I’d like to see you do is model a star destroyer. It doesn’t have to be perfect, since I doubt any of you will be able to find all the dimensions online anywhere, but I’d like to see a good job eyeballing. I know you can get the length of it on wikipedia, so start with that, and scale it down. Try to make a better one than mine. I’ll post mine after a few others are put up.

Fire up your copies of Inventor and go to town.

I’m also disappointed that people who said they’d join in didn’t.

Well would you look at that. I guess I only looked through the Inventor forum. It’s too bad that people don’t so their part to make the CAD forum a fun place. If I had Inventor, I would have definately done something.

Drawing a star destroyer sounds like fun. However, I am currently lacking Inventor:( . Maybe sometime I will try this. If I ever get good enough at ProE. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing some of these models.

My defense, I did have a really busy summer.

This one, I’m going to see where I can go. Imperial Star Destroyers, who can deny?

(pre warning-I’m still not that skilled in Inventor)