Offseason Ventures?

Now how bout some Ventures Events for off-season competitions, just to add some more work for Brandon? :stuck_out_tongue: They could just be simple ones, like event winners and finalists or what not, or big like the regional ones…Just a suggestion

Rumor has it IRI stuff is in the works.

I’d be willing to add others too – just need the organizers of the competitions to PM me the info for the events they want listed.

I could go for an IRI Ventures event. I’ve got 830 points to burn. Let’s see… 201 points for 201 as winner… hehe.

*Originally posted by Jeff Waegelin *
**I’ve got 830 points to burn. **

We’d start fresh, to make it fair for everyone.

*Originally posted by Brandon Martus *
**We’d start fresh, to make it fair for everyone. **

Oh… booo!!! I wanna bet 800 points… :frowning: It’s not my fault I guessed the all but one team in the Archimedes bracket correctly.

Doesn’t the winner get at least something extra :wink:

Come on… 5451.68 points?? (The closest was still 2000 behind me) If we start at 500 again, can’t the top 5 get like 500 extra?

//Yeah… Yeah… I made most of it off 111 winning the grand event, but it’s not my falut that so many people bet for 121 and so few for 111 :slight_smile:

Actually, I’d like to work on makeing some changes to the system for next year FIRST. We should use these events as tests. (If they would work)