Offset Bumpers

According to the rules your bumpers can be between 2 and 10 inches off the ground,

Would anything prohibit you from having bumpers at various heights?

I included a sketch for clarification.

I don’t think this would be legal. I couldn’t find a specific rule but I would check with the gdc. also why don’t you make all your bumpers at that top height.

As long as the bumpers are fully within the 2"-10" volume, as defined in the blue box under [R01], there would be nothing against this, yes?

As bumpers are 5" tall, it would be viable to go over the 4" obstacle with the top of the bumper 10" off the ground.

There is no rule against it. Rather, it seems like the GDC intended to allow this by allowing bumpers which start above the barrier.

This would help to prevent balls from becoming entangled.