Offsite construction

Posted by Jake.

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Posted on 2/20/2000 12:18 PM MST

Since FIRST is now outlawing traveling machine shops, does anyone know how legal it would be to
arrive early on the first day of a regional, take the desired pieces/parts from the pit area when it opens,
transport them back to be worked on, then transported back to the regional competition area
before the pit area closes? Thanks and good luck to all teams during this last minute push!

Posted by Joe Johnson.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

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Posted on 2/20/2000 3:01 PM MST

In Reply to: Offsite construction posted by Jake on 2/20/2000 12:18 PM MST:

I suppose that this would qualify as working on your robot ‘off site’

About the best you can do us wait until the robot is back in the box at 5 pm on Sat. and work on the components after that.

I have a related question. What if a major part of your robot is broken (perhaps in needs welding and or machining)? Can you take that part with you to be fixed from the 5 pm Sat until ship time on Tues.?

Sounds reasonable to me, but what do I know.

Joe J.

Posted by Jake.

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Posted on 2/20/2000 3:54 PM MST

In Reply to: Probably not allowed… posted by Joe Johnson on 2/20/2000 3:01 PM MST:

Is there any specific rule that states a part may not be worked on away from the competition site on the ‘de-bugging’ day, namely Thursday? Especially with the lack of machine shops and such for precision machining, it may be imperative for many teams to take advantage of this time in order to take their parts and such out of the area to be reworked in order to make their bot competitive. Any and or all suggestions and comments are welcome.

Posted by Nate Smith.

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Posted on 2/20/2000 4:30 PM MST

In Reply to: More inquiries posted by Jake on 2/20/2000 3:54 PM MST:

Taken from rule M20, as revised in update #4:
‘Fabrication of robot parts when a robot is at an event must take place on site.’