Oh, boy, scouting will be difficult this year!

Does anyone else think so? I mean, with the old system of “one scout per team”, it would be nearly impossible, I think-scouts will definitely need to keep an eagle eye on each human player, as I can imagine that their “batting average” will be a big factor in alliance selection; but at the same time, robots must be tracked for evasive manuevers, cell delivering (and those similarly-colored empty cells will be hard to track!), pinning, actual scoring, and any other strategies teams may think of. Plus, as soon as the game is over, scouts will have to count that 3D stack of balls as quickly as possible before field reset people start emptying it out… I’m almost glad now that I’m not my old team’s scouting manager now! :yikes:

Or are there any ways that it could be made easier? Perhaps one person could watch several human players, but that starts to become a whole lot of scouts… any other ideas?

I really was just thinking this.

I plan to have freshmen slaves again. Oh and sophomores.

Ask teams what they did in 02 and in 06 and I’m sure you will find something useful.

One scout per team is more than enough to scout every team in every match.

So long as they share their data. Each team can make their own conclusions on what the data mean…


Send them around witha a laptop to make quick notes. That way they will be able to cover more teams quicker. It will be more difficult at the bigger competitions then the smaller ones due to more teams

the hardest thing for a scout will be to keep track of team numbers. it seems like every year when i do scouting the hardest thing was after every match u have to input the raw data in two the computer and no matter how hard u tried the person inputting the raw data could never keep up.

I don’t think scouting will be all too important…
Since the human players are a very large part of scoring, obviously the teams with bigger, strogner kids like myself will be better

A bigger stronger kid with no hand eye coordination won’t do you much good.

but Obviously through your logic, I guess your team could dominate mine then, correct? Or if I have a giant on my team I guess you wouldn’t stand a chance…

Keep those types of opinions to yourself please. This game has to do with skill, being bigger is not a skill. A kid half your size could shoot better than you and win over you.

edit: btw i highly doubt you need to be strong to throw an orbit ball…

Get some of the baseball, softball, and basketball players to join the team. To play those sports you need to have good aim

You’re going to have to have pretty good aim to get an orbit ball in a randomly-moving, relatively fast, not very large target with no backboard. I don’t think human players will be doing the majority of scoring this year.

Scouting is always important. Matter of fact, it is the difference between a winning team and everyone else.

I believe that scouting this year will be especially difficult because of the number of tasks and/or objectives that can be judged. Not only do scouts have to pay attention to the robots themselves, but also the payload specialists. Are the payload specialists shooting percentage high? Are they throwing the moon rocks wisely? Are they using the empty cells in a way that is beneficial to the team? These are all questions that people have to ask themselves when thinking about who they want to be in their alliance (and those questions are just for a single aspect of the game).

Since there are so many variables to this game, I believe that a different approach to scouting will be necessary for teams that don’t have the people/resources to track every single statistic.

Any team that thinks scouting is not important will be in for a RUDE awakening when competition rolls around.

I agree. For every second of the match, there will be a relatively constant possibility of one of your alliance’s payload specialists scoring one moon rock on an opposing robot’s trailer due to the fact that each robot on the field will always been in range of an opposing payload specialist.

However, it is much more likely for a robot to score many points quickly, as they can get very close to the trailer and feed/dump/shoot several moon rocks much faster than the payload specialist can. IMO

Sorry, I always forget you can’t say something in a sarcastic voice on computer. I was poking at the fact of that the teams with sports players will have advantage I was just being facetious

Teams that do scout know the importance of what those people do. I believe that the team that don’t scout for what ever the reason is are missing out in the fun and the amount of resources gained from scouting no matter how time or energy consuming they may be.

There will be a lot happening on the field. It’s up to the scouting team/drivers/coach to determine what is important. In the past we’ve kept data on nearly everything quantitative. This year, I think pit scouting is worth very little. It all comes down to how robots can maneuver on slippery regolith and how accurate their Human Players are. I’d highly recommend at least 1 scout per robot, you may need two to keep track of both the HP and the robot. Also, your scouts will get tired, so try and rotate so that they get more interesting teams to watch, and the occasional break.

I think you really hit the nail right on the head here. Human Player and driver performance are going to be, in my opinion, the two most important factors in this game, and you can’t really find anything about either in the pits (maybe you can set up a target and invite teams to throw balls into it? Set up a FIRST combine :yikes: ) Also, like you said, there will be essentially 12 things to keep track of-each human player and each robot. Some teams will need a lot more disposable freshmen… :eek:

Maybe because we already use Wifi for programming, there should be some push to, at each regional, get a “server” running on a public WiFi where people can post up the data they recorded (as well as access this data)?

Just an idea.

If you honestly think the human player will do alot of scoring you should really take another look at this game… try and simulate it with people as robots and garbage cans as goals, and use dodge balls as the moon rocks, you will learn quickly how hard it will be for the human player to score on these moving robots. Also take a look back at 02, the human player situation was very similar.

hopfuely youre not the on that does teh writing in teh zcouting book

we’ve never really scouted before but thats cause my team was never top 8 in the regional but this year it seems like anything is possible, but the original post brings up valid points about the factors of this years game which will make it a very interesting competition (like always, lol)