Oh but there's one more.. Type your username with..

It appears we’ve missed the some of the best appendages of all in this lovely revival of the “Type your username” threads - toes! So, can you type with your toes?

li9swaaqw --p03e45r3eaz

Um… I guess that’s a “no” for me…

michyelle 236

i guess my toe-eye coordinaton isnt that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

should i do the type your username with your tongue first ?? oh well … im gonna clean my keyboard with rubbing alcohol before i do that …

so here goes with the toes … but once again … why am i doing this ??


okay … so i kind of cheated… i had two 3’s at the end … but in erasing the last 3, i only used my toes …

What my parents don’t know won’t hurt them…


i put the keyboard on the floor, I suppose that’s legal because it’s normally so high that i can’t get my legs to the desktop.
I would have used shift, except for the fact that I kept hitting the ‘Start’ button… :smiley:

Okay this game is just gross…after my toes i’m definitely not placing anything else there

ohh wait i’ll put socks on…

tri bottedccc-caz88

I thought about posting this… Here it goes.


Still easier then I thought.

ghree ncactusd34

thats quite tiring :smiley:

Let’s just… stop here. Allright?
The headbutt thing was supposed to be a joke. Seriously.


yay! =P some repeatedness… only 2 mess ups =/

ERlgin Clock

Not to shabby… Big toe. :slight_smile:

/off to clean my keyboard now…

jdeff wadegdedlkin

meli w.

I think there are too many of these threads now…


Go here
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One more to go
And finally, here

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Maybe some of these threads can get some of the overwhelming response that the “Type your Username with your _________” threads have been getting. :rolleyes:

Aww, what the heck, I’ve posted in most of the others why not this one. I will also make it known this is my second attempt. The first time I did OK until I went for the numbers, I hit one or more of the function keys and the “Reply to Thread” page went all funny and finally came back blank. So if the CD server had a momentary crash you know who to blame. :rolleyes:

jasy hg 236

Well not too bad, except I decided to join the Techno Ticks instead! :stuck_out_tongue: