Oh Dear, I Have an Idea

2010 game in a nutshell: Make the weebles fall down.

Edit: Wasn’t there a Blue Oyster Cult song called “Don’t Fear the Weeble?”

you guys all missed it, the hint was the dot at the end. He has been doing that a lot lately

Nope, we haven’t. There is an entire thread dedicated to deciphering the Morse Code he’s using. At last count, we had figured out THIS IS NOT A HINT and some miscellaneous letters.

I just want to say, I really don’t care about the logistics of how this work work near as much as I am so impressed by this out of the box way of thinking about having a water game. Over the years, I have read plenty of “Oh no, not another water game thread” comments, BUT this is the only time that I find that this is a good thing to talk about.

The probability of putting robots in water withing the next few years is quite low, the probability of putting water into robots as game pieces . . .

Am I the only one that thinks wobbling… things would be an awesome game piece? Maybe some kind of wobbly goal, like the ones they used in American Gladiators… or possibly you could have to push them, because it provides an uneven surface and all… I dunno, I think it would just be fun to see a bunch of things wobbling on the field after the buzzer >_>

I like the idea of PVC piping full of beads.

Until one breaks.

“No Jimmy, I didn’t say take that bearing apart!”