OH HAIL!!!!!!!

Does anyone, besides me, have damage to their vehicle from the hail storm Saturday around 1830. My hood looks like someone took a ball peen hammer to it.
If you need to submit a claim, I have picutres of the storm and the size of the hail.

I have dents and a cracked windshield :frowning:

Our bus was parked right outside the Dome, across in a side street. No discernible damage.

My truck is ruined, and the trailer is dented all up.

My wife’s new car is covered with dings. I was in the volunteer lot. I’ll let you know if I need pictures - thanks Wayne.

I’ve got a lovely collection of dents on the trunk, roof, and hood.

My son and I were in my Dad’s 2012 Toyota Ouch!!!:ahh:

I just got the repair estimate - $6600 (ouch!). Thank God for a $500 deductible.

I’m in the same boat with my rental car: dozens of dings on the hood, roof and trunk, but no window damage.

I contacted Hertz and am submitting an incident report. My auto insurance has a $500 deductible as well.

My rental car was chock full of little dents.

According to TBA, 1830 did not compete this year. ::rtm:: :confused:

edit: every time I go fishin’, they just leap right in the boat! Thanks, Dane!

1830 is military time for 6:30pm which is the time this whole storm came in. Good times. Glad there was no severe damage or casualties

I got an estimate for 6850$ for our Saturn this morning. Thank god for insurance.

We were parked in the lot across from the volunteer lot, rather poor choice in hindsight (we also ran over on a cinderblock left in the middle of the road just past the $$ takers; thankfully no damage there)

I’m just glad we didn’t have any window damage :slight_smile:

Lots of dents all over the hood, roof and drive side of my 2011 Ram. I didn’t check the trailer. I was parked in front of the Mellinium. I heard and saw that it was worse for those parked by the dome, since there were no buildings to shield the brunt of the hail. I called my insurance this morning. Plan on stopping at the body shop on the way home for an estimate.

I totaled my last truck a little over a year ago on a patch of black Ice, so my insurance company loves me.

Contacted All State on Sunday. Saw an insurance adjuster this morning. He counted 35 dings on just a quarter of the roof of my car. Filling out the form, the “Limit” category is 101-150 dents for the roof. Heh.

Every panel on my car got hit. Estimated $2700 damage to my Chevy Cobalt (will post what the repairs total). Thank God my windshield and lights are intact otherwise waiting to drive home would’ve been fun.

$100 deductible and comprehensive coverage. All things considered, life is good.

If hail dented your vehicle, I urge you to look into the “paintless dent repair” industry. One such vendor is Dent Wizard.

It is not inexpensive, but a far cry from the cost of component replacement.

If you have insurance, let them worry about it…

Quite a bit of my estimate was using PDR because of the type of dings, and it still totalled to $6600 (and 2 weeks in the shop, glad I got rental coverage). Trunk and hood have to be replaced, no glass work but alot of labor to remove and install stuff that has to be repaired. It’s pretty impressive.

I have many small dings but the weirdest thing was that my compass went crazy. Both axis flipped so our drive from St Louis to New England was south and west. My truck was parked at the Hampton Inn - Downtown which had elevators that lost their mind after the storm, randomly stopping at floors most of the night.

I just got the estimate to fix my 2004 Pontiac Vibe. $4100.00 :ahh:
I had over 200 dents in the hood alone. They say it will have to be replaced.

For my 2006 Honda Civic, it’s coming to $4600. New hood and new trunk lid because of the dent quantity and depth, new plastic roof trim bits, dent removal (some conventional, some PDR) to basically every body panel except the driver door. Two weeks in the shop. The sides weren’t all that bad, possibly because I was parked between a van and a trailer.

Three cheers for comprehensive insurance.