Oh my! MPLAB is free!

According to FIRST last year, we received an MPLAB IDE that was not officially released yet, and we were getting it for free where other people had to pay. Well, that’s not the case I have found. MPLAB IDE is actually free! Yes folks, you heard me right. FREE!! :smiley:


2 versions are available, Innovation FIRST, Inc. recommends 7.20 as the 7.22 version has some bugs in which the default code will not build?

Well, now I know I can get updated MPLAB IDEs without waiting until the CD comes with our kit :smiley:

MPLABs has been free for a long time. It’s the compiler that we have to pay for. FIRST released version 2.0(I think, someone correct me) to us. We still have to pay for it.

The no cost compiler is not an optimizing compiler. Your program could be larger and slower with the free compiler.

there are two different things here. The software development environment, and the assembly code compilers have always been free from Microchip

the C compiler is not free. If I remember correctly, you can download it for free for a 30 day trial. As far as I know there is only one version of C compiler from Microchip.

Microchip has two compilers C18 and C30. C18 is for all chips up to the 18F series. C30 is for the dsPic line. A while ago, the deal with the student version was that it expired after 60 days. With the new version the website now states:

“The Student Edition has all the features of the full compiler and libraries. After 60 days, the optimizations related to procedural abstraction and to the extended instruction set of the newer PIC18XXXX devices will be disabled. Code compiled after the expiration date will function but may occupy more memory space.”

The version included in the kit is yet another version. It is a version of C18 which has no time limit and all optamizations enabled but only works for the 18F8520.

Oh, see I thought it was that everything you had to pay for, my mistake I suppose. Last year at the kickoff they put a link on the FIRST website for downloading the updated IDE and then 2 weeks later removed it, so I thought it was something special just for us. Guess not.

Again, what was briefly made available to FIRST teams was the new version (2.4?) of the C18 compiler, not the MPLAB IDE. It was something special just for us, as it wasn’t released to the general public at that time.

So soon we forget :slight_smile:
PICmicro 18Cxx C compiler v2.40
was the latest special release through FIRST.

N.B. C18 ver. 3.0 was recently released (including an update for people who had 2.4), HOWEVER, compiled libraries (like the IFI libs) are NOT compatible with the 3.0 version of C 18.