Oh no... Did our robot just shoot the REF club...

Yeah… we did. (2:40 mark) Needless to say, after that, the refs were a little more on guard. lol Our apologies to the ref…

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That is not a good way to insure they see your crossings :yikes:.

I like how it gently turns just before it does that…it’s like: ‘yes, I am going to shoot at boulder at you’.

Well, at least it’s accurate :]

I figured it was only a matter of time before this showed up in the thread.

This should be called the “Ready Fire Aim” club. :smiley:

this is pretty much obligatory on any thread of this sort

We have our camera track zebra patterns and have it automatically shoot at it. #ItsAFeatureNotABug

1741 is also in the “OhCrapWeJustShotDean” club. I think it was at the same event he got shot by 1519… :yikes:

We almost made this club at GTRE. Good thing the ref noticed us pointing at him and booked it out of the way.

http://watchfirstnow.com/archives/158809740 top left at 00:07.

It would have HURT. We did shoot the ball at Paul Keenan from 4001 earlier on friday though when he was in the souvenir booth. He actually turned it into an android game. He’s our hero now!

That was me lol. And I think I caught one of your balls that bounced off the tower and headed towards me

Does it count if you hit the head ref with a can in recycle rush? Because I sort of did…

LOL - Apologies from the Cybergnomes then! Glad you survived!

I made a gif of the moment.

He saw it coming…
(Blue robot on the far left with the cross-court shot)

The thing that makes it better is our team captains (green mohawk) reaction, even though this was certainty not the only time we did this!

(I am still not convinced that the refs stripes are not actually vision targets :D)