OH Teams: Any Practice Fields?

Hey, we were wondering if there would be any teams in the Northeast Ohio area will be replicating the field this season? Our team is relatively small (15-20) and we don’t have the resources, so it’s not really in our means to do it. Also, if we would be able to use it we’d appreciate it greatly.

48 in Warren, OH (about 50 minutes away from Cleveland) builds a practice field every year. We’ve put the carpet down and erected the side borders. Kids are working on the player stations now.

I’m not sure when the center structure/overpass will be up, but any regional teams are welcome to come and use the field if you contact us ahead of time to schedule it. You would also have access to our tools and shop, if needed.

We also will have a pre-ship date scrimmage the Saturday before ship date. It’s open to all FIRST teams.

Just PM me if your team is interested.

Thanks for the info, I’ll bring it up in tomorrow’s meeting and let our mentor know.