ohh what intersting things we do!

This is a primary reason why you shouldn't test new arm control code in a room with a low ceiling. how much you wanna bet that they origionally blamed electronics for bad sensors?

i figure ill add this as an extra treat
got to watch this
this is most posably the coolest thing ive seen in a long time

That made me say out loud “I gotta get me one o’ deez”
Way cool!!!

That was just sweet. I was hoping he’d fly it through the goalposts.

saw that a long time ago… can’t seem to find the manywhere except on www.michaelconnelly.com

Uh, where? I really, truly, seriously, definately, positively going to get one of those…

Yours appears to be Connablah with and e; it’s mentioned on the movie caption as an a. Does anybody know where you could buy one?

/me thinks, “Ebay!” - I’m going to check.
/me didn’t find it :frowning: Go figure.

misspelt the link and it took you to a famour author lol

Something similar to this happened to me when I was driving around our 2004 robot. I guess there is a reason why i was never a driver. I ripped down two ceiling tiles and tore the vent off an air conditioning duct. I’ll try to find a picture around someone …

We have a similar work space with an 8.5’ ceiling. We broke one ceiling tile this season with the arm and a floor tile in 2003 with the suction cups.