Ohio State or Florida?

1 hour until this game’s kickoff, if I were betting I’d put my money on Florida.


Ohio!!! I know nothing about football, but Ohio has better colors than Florida, therefor due to the higher self esteem gained by knowing that they look better than the other team they will be filled with enough enthusiam to win the game. (OK, so maybe that isn’t true but it is still the way I pick winners)

I just shared this theory with my mother who disowned me, never say this to an insane football mom.

Smart money’s on the undefeated team.

Ohio State. No one has even come close to touching them this year.
This one i sover in the first half.

I have to go against the crowd here on CD and not go against one of my co-workers (recent graduate from FL, so I have heard plenty about the team these past few months.)

(Plus they have an awesome color scheme… Blue and Orange!!!)
:wink: :cool:

Seven people hardly constitues a crowd.

I know… it’s only the start of a mob or currently a posse right? :rolleyes:

Game over.:stuck_out_tongue:

HM…Ohio State is looking pretty good…16 seconds into the game…

Ohio got lucky. now if you want to see a demonstration of genuine talent, look no further than the UF possesion right after.:stuck_out_tongue:

Koko, don’t get premature on us, I believe Florida just scored 2 touchdowns.

wow, i am impressed with FL.

well, it looks like you were right in the second part of that post.:stuck_out_tongue:

WHAT NOW!?!??!
41-14 BABY!
(Apparently I’m a Gators fan! Not fake, my daddy went to UF and he passed on the love of the Gators to me and my brother.)
And to top it off y’all, we’re the first ever school to get the basketball championship title AND the football championship title in the same year!

I had a feeling the Gators we’re gonna take it from the beginning, even thought OSU took an early 7 pt lead. I wish I would have bet all my OSU friends…

Karthik, are you out there? hope you’re not under suicide watch or anything :wink:

I left work and turned on the radio and was shocked to hear the final score. Thought OSU would dominate.

Man, was I way off on this one.
Trestle sure picled a wrong time to do his worst coaching job ever. Going for it on 4th down on your own 29? What does he think this is Madden?

I am a Cleveland fan and have the innate ability to predict an Ohio team’s doom via gut feeling. Years of watching cursed Cleveland pro sports teams has honed this talent. Two Cleveland guys at starting QB and #1 wideout - I felt they were doomed from the start. Knowing he was a huge Buckeye fan (he was born in C-Bus), I happened to IM Karthik prior to the game stating my feeling that Florida was going to win…don’t think he enjoyed that too much…:wink:

Why did OSU loose?

Well, easy. I didn’t see Brutus anywhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

Last night was depressing…