our OI controler went completly dead today :frowning: i tried to see if i can reset it, but the green power light comes on, now all the lights are on :(, we dont know what to do, any help would be nice, and a possible error might be that the wires were put backwars in the comp port, thanks for helping in advance

Have a look at IFI’s tech support forum, and if that doesn’t work, get in touch with an IFI tech support representative.

Maybe someone will be able to help you here in the meantime.

well i called and they are closed. but we are gonna see if we can borrow a OI from a differnt team

If you can’t fix it before your regional, talk to the IFI rep first thing on Thursday. If they can’t fix it, they will send you to Spare Parts to get one of their loaners. (You’ll need a credit card; if you don’t return it, IFI will bill the card for the cost of the interface.)

putting the wires in backwards to the COMP port does not fry your OI. We had a team member accidentally think pin 1 was pin 8 but it really wasn’t so then it all got wired in reverse. 2 weeks later the OI is still working with out problem…

Did you buy chance try to run power through the COMP port??

If that was in reverse then yes i would say you have a dead OI:ahh:

Try to reload the master code to your RC, and tether your OI to the robot.

This may or may not be legal… but the OI from last year is identical to the one this year. Maybe hit up Q&A to see if you can use yours from last year. The main purpose of not being able to use parts from previous years is because it can give you more performance, but since nothing has changed, and it is your OI, that doesn’t have any customization for it, I think they may say yes.