OI/Control Board LEDs during Autonomous

Do you know how to set the LEDs during Autonomous? (Pwm1_green/Pwm1_red)
It helps a lot to be able to know what the robot is doing at a specific moment.

I know that I am writing it out, because the same code works outside of autonomous. (I just copied the part of user_routines and changed p1_x to pwm01, etc.)

Do I have to use the dashboard to read these? If so, how do I write to the dashboard?

What about LED’s hooked up to outputs on the RC itself? Is it legal to do this for feedback purposes?

lol, JUST finished writing this

int flicka;

//somewhere in User_Initialization..
    flicka = 0;

//Where it says "put your autonomous code in here in user_routines_fast.c

   Pwm1_green = Pwm2_green = Pwm1_red = Pwm2_red = flicka = !flicka;

This flickers the green and red leds of Pwm1 and Pwm2 on the rc.
Hope this helps.