OI Display problem?

I don’t know whether I should be alarmed by this or not, but here’s what happened.

The 4-digit display on our OI was displaying only one digit at a time, from right to left. All the information that it displays is correct; for instance it will display 9, then 3, then 6 then 0, for our team number.

The OI was orginially powered by the tether. When we switched power over to being powered by the adapter, everything started working again.

Has this happened to any other teams? If so, should we be concerned or is it only an isolated occurence.

I have never seen this before, but the only thing I can say is: low battery? Sounds weird. Can you do it again? If it happens again I might e-mail Innovation First about it, but if it doesn’t happen again I wouldn’t be worried.

Considering the fact that the controller is powered by the arena controllers at the competitions … I wouldnt worry too much. As long as the bot works fine tethered (regardless of the display) … I would just ignore it. If theres a problem at a competition … you could always borrow a OI from FIRST.

Thanks guys; I can sleep at night now.

This happend to my team a few years back. It turned out to be a cold solder joint somewhere, and IFI replaced the OI under warranty.

I’d call them ASAP because it’s better to be without your OI now then in a week or too.