OI Graphic Overlay. Any recommendations?

I’ve seen some teams that have used graphic overlays on their OI (and other components). I haven’t seen any information on how or where teams have made/purchased these graphics. I’m interested in trying one out and seeing how it goes.

Is it easy/cheep? What materials were they printed on? What kind of adhesive did you use? If you ordered it, any recommendations? What file format did you give them? What was the price range?


Oh, that’s a great question!! I’ll add that if anyone has done this, do you have a templete you can stick up in the white paper area?

I figure we could make our own by printing on sticky paper or mylar, but a templete would help everyone.

Autocad or Inventor can be used to accurately layout graphics for the OI and/or button boxes. Plot 1:1 on a full sheet mailing label or there are a variety of products that are inkjet printable with a peel and stick backing available at Office Depot, etc. I have imported a jpeg scan of a Wildstang shirt to use for a background in the past. We then use the very same drawing less the graphics for a drilling/punching template and then legends for buttons and LEDs are part of the design. Plot on larger paper for training purposes or judge demos.

Three words: Reverse spray painting. :smiley:


Thanks for the input so far!

Anyone know how this was made? Al’s suggestion?

Team 48 Teaser

I believe this was a paint job.
I did want to add, there is vinyl that is self stick that works great to protect whatever you do. For some reason it brings out the color much more than just the paper by itself.

What Al said, lol. Although I’ve used Word (old school) and Photoshop to create mine. Recently, we’ve printed out the graphics on thick glossy photo quality paper and use some spray adhesive to secure the overlay to the plastic button box. We’ve done this since 2000. You can find examples in CD-Media.