OI indicator questions

hello,i have a question concerning the lack of sufficent feedback LED’s in the default code

our controller system has numerious LED indicators this year for the pneumatic system and various other things. i ran into a problem in that i ran outta LED varaibles. if someone knows how to connect more LED’s to the OI or the varaible names for the last 2 indicator’s on the OI (marked swich 1 and 2 if i remember correctly) it would be a great help.

Thanks alot!

Page 21 of the System manual: LEDs labelled switch 1 thru 3 indicate the state of those switches on the RC, and are not available to the program.

Are you overlooking the possibility of using the dashboard port on the OI ? You can get a lot of feedback about the sensors on board, and a few of the variables sent from the OI to the RC (or all of them using the jumper on the OI).

You could always trigger the switch inputs yourself :smiley:

We almost ran out of LED’s on the board and considered using a switch with a bunch of contacts to select which ‘set’ of LED’s to control. Therefore having 16 LED’s on the board but only 8 active at a time and the switch both electrically connected the right ones and told the code to light up the right ones based on switch position

It seems like an option