OI Operations

Our team suggested that we should use in the OI Console different methods of control, such as remote controls (used originally for toy-engined cars or planes) or wheel-like joysticks.

What is your opinion about these suggestions? Can they function well?

Thanks in advanced, Team #1943.

You MUST use the provided OI (operator Interface) and RC (Robot Controller) boxes that you get in the kit or parts… But if you really like using model car transmiters, you can adapt these to work with the OI.

You will still need a base to hold the actual OI computer, but you can wire a car controller (transmitter box) to the same inputs that you would normally plug the joysticks into.

You’d need to totally disable the original transmiter part.

Then, you’d need to get access to the actual joystick potentiometers inside the car controller. Maybe you can find one of those “Trainer” controlers that normally plug into the main transmitter. You then need to wire the potentiometers in the car controller to the inputs on the OI computer.

The potentiometers also need to match the specs of the OI, but it CAN be done if you have somone on the team that understands basic electronics.
Download the user manual for the OI computer from the ifirobotics.com site.