Oink! Oink! Bang!

Is it weird that when I saw this story and picture my very first thought was “Oink! Oink! Boom!”???


I saw this story the other day on the 24 hour news station (I guess theres not to much news to report at 4am…) and I was like WOW thats…a big pig. I sort of felt bad for it since it was so big and I suppose that makes it rare? But I had the similar though of Oink Oink Boom! (and until about a minute ago, I thought the thread title was Oink Oink Boom, not Oink Oink Bang!)

I saw this in the newspaper yesterday… It almost thought it was fake for a minute, it was so monstrous.

Here is a wikipedia article on the same hog, with more information.


I saw this article posted at work today. I was astonished at its size to say the least.

Interesting… the kids 11 and packing the world most powerful production hand gun. Reminds me of someone I know… :wink:

Got to hand it to the young man… chasing something that big thru the woods for three hours took some nerve. Especially with it being wounded.
Would animals are always extremely dangerous! :eek:

Wow… 500 to 700 pounds of sausage. Thats enough to keep even ME in hog heaven for a year! :smiley:

There’s nothing like our desire to find something amazing and shoot it.

…on a preserve. <sad>

… I know - a commercial hunting preserve.

The thing that I was slightly taken aback at was the firearm used. I’ve fired many guns, but a .50 cal pistol is absolutely insane. (My browning 9mm is insane enough as it is…)

But yeah… it’s a shame that such an amazing creature was shot down, instead of observed and recorded, as it should have been.

Ah, reminds me of Lewis Black…

“There’s a fence around the place! That means you track the dear and go ‘Oh look we got him in the corner!’”*

And any resembling relationship to Adam Richards that kid has is purely coincidental…

*that’s for Conor…

I find it quite surprising that an animal this large could survive in the wild, it seems that it would have trouble just moving around. It definitely would have been impressive to observe it in the wild.

I was rather surprised at the size of weapon used myself, or, more accurately, that a 11 year old could fire it and actually hit something. The most powerful handgun I’ve fired is a S&W .44 Magnum six shot revolver. (essentially this gun’s little brother) I only fired 12 shots, didn’t really hit the target too well (bit too much recoil), and could still feel an ache in my hand hours after shooting it, and the .50 S&W delivers roughly 3 times the energy of the .44 Magnum!

Here’s a question. I don’t know the answer but I’m asking,
Can you run a hog of this size for 3 hours without having it collapse or die of heat exhaustion?

1015 lbs? This thing would kill someone. It’s better dead. The meat is probably not even edible given its 10+ year life.

This rhino-sized creature with tusks would decimate any perceived threat to it’s poor eyesight, judgement, or yes, carnivorous tendencies.

I’m not making many friends with this post, but it is a PIG. A renewable resource at man’s disposal. Release a domesticated pig, and it will revert to wild in no time. Thats how these places operate. No wild pigs are killed. They are all early plants from commercial growers.

Hunting is not bad. Many areas require commercial hunts to keep certain populations in check. Even the Florida alligator has a season now do to its growing population. States like the income from hunters. Local economies benefit too.

Here’s an important question.

…now what?

What do you do with something that big and that heavy?



We’re talkin’ Bar-b-q ribs for months!!!

The one thing I can’t understand about Americans, although I was born and have been raised in the south, the desire to go out and kill random things for “the hell of it”. I can understand killing for food but just for sport is what I do not yet understand. Anybody bother to explain this for me?


I heard about this yesterday on PTI (Pardon The Interruption) on ESPN.

It’s True, but hard to believe.

If you want to know why they do it for sport then go ask a soccer player why they like to play soccer, or a why a football player plays football why they play football when they can get seriously hurt. The thrill of the sport. Or as some hunters may call it, “The thrill of the chase.” Some hunt for trophies, and some hunt because they like the meat. I love, pheasent, duck, and dear meat. This isn’t an invite for the whole world to go willy nilly on their pets. But to some it is literally a sport. I have kill 3 deer all within a 10 second period of time. Your deffinately not calm, your heart is beating fast you have adrenaline flowing. They guy I have know since before I was born have killed probally 150+ deer and still gets the same way.


Well, here’s what seems to be the latest.
His name was Fred.