Oklahoma Robotics Teams

This is an area for the 12 Oklahoma Teams to post. Our 2nd Annual kickoff was spectacular. Hosted by Dr. Karl Reid, Dean of the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Reid and Woodie Flowers were Doctorate students together at MIT. Dr. Reid is now a whole-hearted supportor of FIRST. He travelled to the Championship in 2004. We had over 300 attend our kickoff event.

Happy posting Okie teams.

Man…this thread has really been a hit huh:D…oh well. I’m just glad the robot is done and gone. OKLAHOMA ROCKS!:smiley:

Boomer Sooner :slight_smile:

See you guys in Kansas City


it is “Ridem Cowboys” not the sooner stuff


looking forward to seeing you

what did you do with the copper thumbprint metal plaque? I was thinking about that this morning.