Old ChiefDelphi.com t-shirts available ..

I have in my possession (taking up room on my desk) 7 extra t-shirts from the 2007 Chief Delphi Web Hug (last year …)

Large: Arefin Bari
Large: Michelle Celio
Large: John Wanninger
Large: Elgin Clock
XL: jtdowney
XL: The Lucas
XL: ICanCountTo19

If you would like one,** send me a private message (indicating desired size) **… they’re available first-come, first-served.

Three conditions:
1: You have to come to the 2008 IRI to pick it up.
2: You have to find me … I’m not going to find you. :slight_smile:
3: One per person …

I’ll update this thread once they’re all spoken for …

UPDATE: They’re all spoken for.