Old controller software? (maybe 2005-2007)

I mentor a BEST robotics team but I have inherited an old T-shirt cannon made from spare BEST parts probably 12 years ago. It’s not a very safe design (PVC tanks) and I’m working with the kids to bring it into (my) compliance. Anyway the thing has soem FIRST controllers on it that I’d like to reprogram but I don’t have any idea what was used to program them or how. I’m used to using VEX Cortexes with RobotC FWIW.

Anyone have any pointers to where I could get the old software, tip son programming, language reference, etc?

The controller is a pair of black boxes labelled “Innovation First FRC Robot Controller” and “Operator Interface”. I have 2 pair. The side labels of the ones in use say FRC-2005-OI, FRC-2006-RC, and the spares say FRC-2007-RC, FR-OI-2007.

I hope one of the teams here could help out. The program on the controller on the bot work, I’d just like to add some functionality for some analog input and digital output.

The thing in controlled with a “flight simulator” type large joystick. Which could use replacing, if that’s possible.

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Pics FYI:

Looks like you have the second generation of IFI controllers, based on PICs programmed in C. You should be able to find everything you need in the team358 archive: Team358.org - Robotic Eagles - FIRST® Robotics Competition


I’m gathering some licenses would be necessary to program, neither of which we have anymore.

Probably not, at least not paid licenses. If you want to do everything like it was 2005, you can use MPLAB and the C18 compiler, which I think there’s a free version of. I think you could adapt the old libraries and example code to work under modern MPLAB X and XC8 without too much trouble, although I’ve never done that.

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see how far you get without licenses…you might be pleasantly surprised

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Ah, the days when a momentary power outage to the radio would only stop you dead on the field for a few seconds at worst.


I’ll see what I can figure out. 100% blind right now, may be more than I can (have time to) bite off, but will see what I can pull from those links.


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