Old cRIO and Newest Labview 2014 (framework 2015)

This might have already been answered somewhere, but like most teams, I am sure you have 2-4 cRIO’s laying around now. During the summer, it would be nice to use these older cRIO’s for some robot projects. If we upgrade to Labview 2014 with (2015) frame work, that won’t be possible anymore would it?

Is the best thing to do here is have an old laptop with FRC 2014 framework and keep it around so we can still deploy old cRIOs?

The 2014 LabVIEW license is not supposed to expire and can target 4 and 8 slot cRIO’s. The 2015 LabVIEW license can target 4-slot, but not 8-slot, cRIO’s.

I think what we have or what I thought we got in the KOP this year was Labview 2014, but it’s called “FRC 2015”. So we are using Labview 2014. Does that sound right?

Yes. Labveiw 2014 (FRC 2015 season) can be used on the RoboRio and 4 slot.
Labview 2013 (FRC 2014 season) has a non-expiring license and can be used for the 4 and 8 slot cRIOs.
I am also keeping a Classmate laptop with the 2014 Driver Station image on it to run robots with 8 slot cRIOs.

I just did this today. You can use the new Labview (FRC 2015 Season) and new 2015 Driver Station with the 4-slot cRIO but you have to reformat/re-image your cRIO first. Use the cRIO imaging tool in the Utilities tab on the LabVIEW start menu. Make sure to change the computer IP address to 10.xx.yy.6 (where xx yy are first 2 and last 2 digits of your robotics team number), change the subnet mask to, and disable the windows firewall.

You will need to re-deploy the code to the cRIO after you re-image it.

I also reconfigured my older wireless bridge using the 2015 configuration utility, but I’m not sure if that was necessary. Bridge Configuration Instructions.